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Q: What word means repeating pattern?
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What word means repeating according to a pattern?


What is the word for the definition having a regular repeating pattern?

a constant pattern

Is -0.436558509... rational number?

The answer depends on what the ellipses represent. If it is repeating 9s then it is. If it means that the string of digits goes on but with no repeating pattern then it is not.

What is another word for repeating periods of heat and cold weather?

Weather Pattern

What is the word that means repeating geometric arrangement of the particles in a solid?


What is a repeating historical pattern called?

A repeating historical pattern is called"empires".

What does repeating desamel mean?

It means that there is a repeating pattern to the numbers on the right side of the decimal point. examples: 5.111111111111 (about 5 and one-ninth) 7.333333333333 (about 7 and one-third) There can be a pattern also: 4.567456745674...

What are solids that have a repeating crystal pattern?

Solids that have repeating crystal pattern are called Crystalline Solids.

What do you mean by the word alternate?

Alternate means two things coming one after the other, then repeating.

What is the name for a decimal with a remainder that has a repeating pattern?

repeating decimal

What a repeating pattern?

A pattern that is repeated constantly.

What Has a repeating pattern?

Nonliving, solid material formed in nature with particles arranged in a repeating pattern is a mineral. Atoms of a mineral are arranged in a repeating pattern to form a solid that is called a crystal.