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Q: What word that implies division by time?
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What is a three letter word for time division?

Age , era , eon ,

How is the term Aztlán an example of identity politics?

The word implies a division of interests It is a Chicano nationalist term. It suggests that Chicanos have a distinct culture and history. Aztlan is a Chicano nationalist term < Apex

What is the synonym for the word implies?


What word represents the broadest division on a geologic time scale?

Eon is the broadest division on the geologic time scale, representing the longest time span. Eons are further divided into eras, which are then subdivided into periods, epochs, and ages.

What is the definition of the word 'multiplexing'?

Multiplexing is the process of combining multiple signals over one media line. There are several types of multiplexing: frequency division, time division, and wavelength division.

What is Base word of division?

The base word for division would be divide.

What is the base word for division?

The base word for "division" is "divide."

What is the meaning of word implies?

to add to an information

What is division by zero?

In a computer, this is an error caused by a calculation which, as it implies, included dividing by zero. The computer can't represent the result of division by zero so an error is generated.

The word psychosomatic means mind and?

The meaning of the word psychosomatic implies

What does the word corporation?

The word "corporate" usually refers to a company or corporation. It implies a joint effort by a group of people or employees. It comes from the word for body and implies a group or collective effort.

What word means always running around?

The word "obstreperous" (unruly) may apply to children in constant motion. The word "bustling" implies a lot of continuous activity, but not simply running. The word "rambunctious" implies tumultuous activity or being boisterous. "Dynamic" implies motion or force. As does "energetic" and "peppy".