What words describe the clouds?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Fluffy, white, like cotton wool, grey, dark, rain clouds.

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Q: What words describe the clouds?
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What words best describe clouds?

Adjectives are the words that describe nouns, The word clouds is a noun, the plural form for the singular, cloud. Some adjectives to describe clouds are dark, bright, fluffy, puffy, soft, and moist

Words that describe clouds ending in ing?

Traveling, expanding, and forming :)

Clouds are classified into a system that uses words from which language to describe how a cloud looks?


What are some adjectives that describe clouds?


What creature do they describe in the book In the Clouds?


What adjectives describe clouds?

fluffy and white

Which describe cirrus clouds?

Wispy, feathery

How do you describe the stratus clouds?

Big blankets of dull clouds, that can give drizzle but not heavy rains.

What is the term used to describe clouds with precipitation?


What is the term To best describe how clouds move?


What is a phrase used to describe a dreamer?

head in the clouds

How would you describe the movement of clouds?

wind blowing