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Q: What words do you start a hypothesis with?
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What are some words start with the prefix hypo?

hypodermic, hypocrite, hypoallergenic, hypothesis, hypochondriac...

What are the two words that should be in your hypothesis?

The two words that need to be in a hypothesis are IF and THEN.

Which of these words literally means under theory?


In science when is a hypothesis useful?

If you do not know the answer to something, you can start by making a hypothesis.

In a debate do you start with a proposition?

That would be the Hypothesis. (It is of course also a proposition). see link for more words related to debating and argumentation:

How does the scientific method work if your hypothesis is wrong?

You make a new hypothesis and then start over from the research.

In science projects what do you start with first?


What do you do if your hypothesis is incorrect?

just admit you were wrong, and start over, because a hypothesis is what you think might happen

What two words are found in hypothesis?

your faaace

How does a hypothesis start?

By thinking what's going to happen before you start something

What words can you use to help form a hypothesis?

The three words are as follows: If, Then, Because. An example of a hypothsis using these words would be:If I saw a raw egg in vinegar, thenI expect to see the eggshell dissolve because the vinegar would be reacting with the eggshell.

What does all science start with?

A guess (called a hypothesis).