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Pedal, pedestrian, and bipedal are words related to feet.

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Q: What words start with ped or mean feet?
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What meaning does the morpheme ped convey in these words?

The morpheme "ped" typically conveys the meaning of foot or feet in these words.

Find the prefix that mean foot or feetfind 6 words that start with this prefix and 3words that end with this making it also a suffix?

The prefix that means foot or feet is "ped." Six words that start with this prefix are pedestrian, pedicure, pedal, pedophile, pedestal, and pediatrics. Three words that end with "ped" making it a suffix are biped, quadruped, and centipede.

What does ped the prefix mean?

The prefix "ped" means foot or feet. It is often seen in words related to feet or walking.

What is ped in biped mean?

bi = two ped = having a foot biped has two feet

What are Hindi words which mean a tree in English?

The Hindi word for tree is "पेड़" (ped).

Find the prefix that mean foot or feet?

I think its "Ped-" :) Example:Pedicure

What does the latin prefix ped mean?

In words that come from Greek the prefix ped- stands for "child."

What does the root ped or pod mean?

the root ped or pod means foot.e.g.bipedtripodpedalpodiatrist aka chiropodistpedometerpedicurecentipedearthropodOk ped means foot and pod means foot i hope that helped!!Answered by:peacelove2622 ( the top one was no my answer with the dots )

What is the definition of Ped as a prefix?

The prefix "ped" means "foot" or "child", and is typically used in words related to feet, children, or something that is related to the ground or bottom.

What is the combining word for foot?

"Ped" is the root for many compound words about feet. For example, bipedal is the prefix bi- plus the root word ped and the suffix -al.

What does the root ped mean?

The root ped has two meanings, one in Greek and the other is Latin. Ped in greek means child, as in pedagogy or pediatrics, while in Latin it means foot, as in pedestrian or pedal

Which root word that means feet?