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fun, way better than elementary, not as scary as you might think.

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Q: What words would you describe junior high as?
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How old were you in junior high if you are 77 years old now?

You would be 13-15 in junior high regardless how old you are now

Can you play senior basketball even if you are in junior high?

No you cannot. This is because Senior is grade 12 which is high school. Junior high would not go up that high of a grade level.

What other high vocab words could be used to describe big?

High vocab words?My, my, someone's a smart bunny. XDAnd since your looking for words to describe big, I'm guessing you're looking for the synonyms, yes?Those would be: commodious, ample, prodigious, copious, immense, and substantial.

What grade would Justin bieber be in?

He would most likely be a junior in high school.

What is the 1st junior high in Chino CA?

Chino Junior High, which was closed down when Ramona Junior High was opened in 1963. Magnolia Junior High was opened 4 years later

What was his ambition in junior high?

His ambition in Junior High was to not fail his classes.

What is the largest junior high in the US?

Pearland junior high east

What sort of handbags are appropriate for a junior high school student?

Some small and compact would be best for a junior highschool student.

When was Traughber Junior High created?

Traughber Junior High was created in 2009.

When was Skyview Junior High created?

Skyview Junior High was created in 1993.

When was Wasatch Junior High created?

Wasatch Junior High was created in 1959.

When was Turlock Junior High created?

Turlock Junior High was created in 1994.