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What work do you have to do as a lawyer?

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It depends in what field of law you want to practice. Public prosecutors only handle criminal cases as do criminal defense attorneys. Civil law covers a very wide area, such as family practice, corporation law, personal injury, bankruptcy, intellectual law (copyrights, trademarks, etc.) entertainment lawyers, and on and on and on. Some attorneys have a general practice which include both criminal and civil matters. Some lawyers are trial lawyers and many lawyers never enter a courtroom. Regardless of the field of law in which they practice the majority spend long hours on mundane matters and for the most part being an attorney is nothing even close to how it is portrayed on television or in the movies.

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Can you work as a lawyer in another country?

yes a lawyer can work in limitation

Where would one find a work injury lawyer?

If one was looking for a work injury lawyer, they could check in their local yellow pages. There are also websites that will assist in finding a work injury lawyer such as injury lawyer finder.

How many hours does a lawyer work a day?

It depends on the lawyer and the type of employment. A part time lawyer might work as few as 3, while a busy lawyer may work 15 hour days. The average is about 8-10.

Where does a lawyer work?

a lawyer works in court. or they may work in a office at a local place,or in a private firm.

What is the nature of work for a lawyer?

The nature of work for a lawyer is highly stressful. The nature of lawyer's work involves long nights studying cases.

When do lawyer work?

well dependes they can work at any time.If the case is really hard than that consist of more work for the lawyer hope i that answered it for you

What type of work does a lawyer do?

There are many different lines of work that a lawyer could do. Lawyers typically deal with branches of the law.

What is Entartainment lawyer?

An entertainment lawyer is a lawyer who provides services to those in the entertainment field. They often work on things such as contracts.

Work hours for a lawyer?

The work hours for a lawyer will typically begin at 8:00 AM and end around 6:00 PM. However, this varies, depending on the cases the lawyer is working for.

Where did John Adams work?

he was a lawyer

Where can you work as a lawyer?

Anywhere that you can get licensed.

What is a work of a lawyer?

Law. YEAH!

Do lawyer work in companies?


Did Abraham Lincoln work as a lawyer?

Yes Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer that worked in Springfield.

What does a advertisement for a lawyer look like?

the environment of a lawyer looks like a work office

What is the enviornment like for a lawyer?

lawyers work in a court or in an office with lots of different people lawyer

Can you work in law if you are a convict?

As a lawyer, no. In the related field of law, including assisting the lawyer, yes.

How many hours do barristers work a day?

It depends on what kind of lawyer they are and a barrister is the same as a lawyer.

Where did Patrick Henry work?

He was a planter and a lawyer. ((:

What did Kandinsky work as?

First as a lawyer, then as an artist.

What are the duties of an lawyer?

making the work good

What certifications do you need to become a lawyer?

they do work

What time does a lawyer have to go to work?

check your answer

Who do you work with as a lawyer?

Type your answer here... clients

Did Obama ever work as a lawyer?


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