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Q: What would've happen if the march on Washington would have not happen?
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Who were the organizers of the march on Washington and what did they hope would happen?

the march was organized by a group of civil rights, labor, and religious organizations. they hoped for jobs and freedom.

What did Malcolm X think of the 1963 March?

Malcolm did not the think the March on Washington would accomplish anything. He was said to have called it the Farce on Washington.

What would happen if the USSR joined the Axis?

Good and bad stuff would happen good points is ww2 wouldve end alot earlier Their would not be a cold war likely less people would of died 99% of the victims of the holocaust would of survived and not been killed The world would be a better place now Their wont be more wars between countries The economy wouldve grown in europe and asia and become more stable Bad points America would caused a war between Usa and Europe/Asia Europe and Asia would merged into a super continent

What would have happen if the 3rd case from the 3rd Hokage vs orchimaru battle wouldve came all the way out in Naruto?

You'll remember that a hokage came out of each right. Think about it for a sec. Sarutobi would've had to fight the fourth hokage.

What wouldve happened if the lightning rod was never invented?

More buildings would be destroyed by fires started by lightning

What would you do without Isaac newton?

we would be living as we do now... just without the knowledge of gravity and some other smartass wouldve thought of it :)

When did George Washington come out of office?

George Washington was president of the U.S. from 1789-1797. He would have come out of office around March 4, 1797.

What do you do when you and your friend like one another but you donut what to hurt your friend ship?

if i were i u i would go out with my friend and see where it goes because something even better than a friendship might happen and if not then it wouldve never worked out so go on with ur friendship

If Caesar has been born a plebeian how would his life have different?

he would of been poor and would have no money. would of died skinny and hungry at the age of 10.

What did Washington want to see?

He wanted to see a new country where the citizens and not a monarchy had say in what would happen, what freedoms there would be and what taxes would be paid.

The 1963 march on which city was a historical civil rights protest?

That would be the March on Washington, where Martin Luther King delived heis "I Have A Dream" speechBirmingham City was the venue that the 1963 historical civil rights protests were made.

What would happen if KFC closed?

Then every black person would have to march all the way to Kentucky to buy their life supply.