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the pyramids in Egypt are build exactly to the golden ratio.

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Q: What would a real life example of the Golden Ratio be?
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How is the golden ratio used in your daily life?

I use the Golden Ratio in my daily life to design websites.

How does the golden ratio relate to daily life?

in alot of ways

What are some real life example of the Golden Ratio?

You read about all the math related aspects of the golden ratio, and now you want to see it applied to real life, right? Well, you already know about various ways the golden ratio appears in real life, and you probably haven't even thought about it at all! ---- One of the first peoples to use the golden ratio in their art, architecture, and other aspects of daily life was the Egyptians. They called the golden ratio the "sacred ratio" and used it in their hieroglyphics and pyramids, as well as other monuments to the dead. ---- The sides of the Egyptian pyramids were golden triangles. Additionally, the three-four-five triangle is a golden ratio between the five unit side and the three unit side. The Egyptians considered this kind of right triangle extremely important and used it also in the pyramids. ---- ---- The Egyptian hieroglyphics also contained many proportions based on the golden ratio. The letter h, for example, is the golden spiral. Additionally, p and sh are created using golden rectangles ---- However, the use and occurance of the Golden Ratio in aesthetics doesn't end with the ancient Egyptians. It was used by the Pythagoreans, Greeks, Romans, and artists during the Renaissance. ---- The frequent appearance of the Golden Ratio in the arts over thousands of years presents us with an interesting question: Do we surround ourselves with the Golden Ratio because we find it aesthetically pleasing, or do we find it aesthetically pleasing because we are surrounded by it?In the 1930's, New York's Pratt Institute laid out rectangular frames of different proportions, and asked several hundred art students to choose which they found most pleasing. The winner? The one with Golden Ratio proportions.

What is a real life example of an equivalent ratio?

3/4 = 9/12

Some common examples for rate ratio and proportion in daily life?

an example of a ratio is the difference between two numbers or sets of numbers such as 600 and 200... the ratio is 400...

Why we need ratio in life?

what is ratio?

How does the golden ratio help humans stay alive?

I am not sure that it is essential to life.I am not sure that it is essential to life.I am not sure that it is essential to life.I am not sure that it is essential to life.

How can ratio help us in daily life?

importance of ratio in our daily life

What are good life values?

Follow the golden rule: Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

Why is the golden ratio important?

It's important because it is found (or appears to be) in so many areas of life, most notably in nature, and most importantly in mathematics. The Fibonacci sequence and the concept of fractals (like the infinitely divisible golden rectangle) are great examples of this. Ancient Egyptian and Greek architects built many of their structures with this ratio in mind. Philosophers see this ratio as having an important significance, since it occurs in nature so often. A lot of people believe that this formula, known as the golden ratio or phi (φ) pops up in everyday life. The truth is that it does not actually appear in the places it is said to. Many claims of its occurrence are false.

What is scale of drawing?

The "scale" of a drawing is its relation in size to the inspiration. So, for example, if you were drawing a picture of your friend, and it was half the size that she is in real life, the scale would be represented as a ratio of 1:2.

What is a real life example of a vertex?

I real life example of a vertex would be a corner of an object like a box.

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