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What would a tiny lump under the skin on the jaw line be?


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It would be something that I would go see a doctor about. Do you Dip? If you do then it would be something I would run to a doctor and find out about. Do you have in grown hairs or razor bumps? If that is the case I would get a different razor. You don't have to run to get one of those unless you have a hot date. _______________________________________________________________ It could be a swolen salivary gland or even fatty tissue. Would get it checked out anyway. If its under the skin and not visible as a blemish it could just be muscle or even an absess.

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A small firm lump under your skin at the base of your penis could be a cyst, but this should be confirmed with a doctor.

A lump under your skin on your jawline could be caused from a swollen lymph node. It can also be cystic acne.

Well, raccoons get this lump, called a debrah when it is kept in captivity. If you love it, you will set it free and the lump will go away.

A small lump on your calf could be a cyst. It is best to have this checked by a doctor to be sure.

If you are asking about a lump that forms in the soft skin under your eye: if the person is overweight, or has bad eating habits, this lump (or several lumps) may indicate that the person is prone to high cholesterol and has the potential for arteriosclerosis, thus heading for heart problems.

A lump of hard skin A lump of hard skin

Possibly a cyst. You should have a doctor look at it to be sure of what it is.

you go to your regular GP, they will check it out , so if it is something serious, they can refer you to a specialist.

Lumps under the skin can be a number of different things. Cysts, lipomas, and tumors are just 3 of them. It would be best to have it looked at, to be sure.

If the lump is hard and feels like a rounded ridge over the back near the front legs, these are the edges of the shoulder blades. Other than this, I would suspect infection or tumor, which would need to be evaluated by a veterinarian.

If the lump is in the cat's fur, it is just a knot. If it's on the skin, it might just be a wart or a skin tag. But if it's under the skin, it could mean something serious. You really need to get your cat to a vet straight away.

It could be a fatty tumor or it could be a cancer. Best if looked at by a vet.

It might be a lymph node, a cyst, a tumor. or just an extra lump of skin. That area of the body is very deilicate - suggest you see a doctor for a valid diagnosis.

Bruises mean that some capillaries broke, and they bled under the skin. The hard lump is most likely from the bleeding. As the bruise fades away, the lump should go away with it.

It could be lots of things, most of which are harmless. If it's a lump under the skin with no discoloration, it is probably a cyst. If you are concerned see a doctor.

The most likely problem would be a hemorrhoid. These are generally nothing to worry about. However, any lump or abnormality needs to be checked out by your doctor.

Don't worry it is probably just an abcess. An abcess in a lump under the skin filled with puss. Dogs, cats, and rabbits get them. They are extremely common. Just bring it to the vet and he will fix it in 5 hours!

male moose have a lump of skin under their neck called a bell

If you can't feel the tick, just a lump, surgery time!

The medical term for any swelling is called a lump

A lump under the skin of your baby's head could be a lymph node, or something else. Be sure to ask your health care provider for advice specific to your baby's situation.

A lump on the skin could mean a variety of things. It could be a spot, a wart, a cyst or a variety of other things. If you have a lump in your skin, the best person to see in your GP, who will then refer you on to a dermatologist if need be.

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