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Ur stupid. There is no such thing as a vampire squid. I had sex with ur mother

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Depending on what TV show or movie you watch (or what books you read). But on Supernatural, angels inhabit human bodies (with the permission of the human who owns the body, of course), so if a vampire were to get away with biting an Angel, he would find blood in the body, but I don't think a vampire would get anywhere near an angel before being smote. A vampire cannot turn an angel into a vampire, if that is what you were getting at.

Depends on the situation. Near garlic, a werewolf. Near a man with a gun loaded with silver bullets, a vampire. I would say a werewolf is stronger, but a vampire is more intelligent and therefore a vampire would probs baet the wolf.

the metosora this part is found near the heart. the bat can change into a human when ever it feels like. you can tell if its a vampire by its eyes(the bat) if there red its a vampire if not then its a normal bat the metosora this part is found near the heart. the bat can change into a human when ever it feels like. you can tell if its a vampire by its eyes(the bat) if there red its a vampire if not then its a normal bat

i only know one, the vampire squid Giant tube worms inhabit areas near hot springs along the mid-ocean ridge. Hope that helps!

vampire bats are dangerous because they carry a disease called rabbis. But, vampire bats hardly ever attack humans, because apparently they do not like the taste of human blood. just be careful if you're on vacation, and that is where you may come near a vampire bat.

anything that comes near it and squid fish

It's About A Vampire, called Edward Cullen who falls in love with a human called Bella Swan. Near The end ther's this bit where another vampire tries to kill Bella and Edward saves her =]

you can buy them at borders book store in fact they should be in any book store near you. Vampire kisses is a great book you should read vampire academy series you would love it!!

Giant Squids have 16 in all. If you count the two small ones, near the squid's back, it would be 18.

During reproduction, the male funnels sperm into a deep sac located near the female's eyes. The female discharges the fertilized eggs into the water. The parents don't wait around to witness the birth.

When a squid is threatened, it releases ink from a small pouch near its beak (inside the base of the tentacles) which quickly spreads to disguise the squid. While the predator is momentarily confused, the squid makes its getaway.

A human being placed on or near a star would have no problem whatsoever and nothing to worry about, as he would be vaporized in a fraction of a second.

near the left it is like the human body

Renesmee grows up but the voultri want to come and destroy but thanx to her ability she shows her past and they reallize that they were given false word from a vampire that live near by and thought that renesmee was human before she was change vampire and in fact she showed the voultri that Bella is her mother when Bella was human and edward is father biologically.

Probably people who inhabit places near jungles which have vampire bats.

She is beaten to near-death by her drunken fiance and his friends. Carlisle finds her and turns her into a vampire.

Male vampires may reproduce with a human woman but there have been no records or even rumors of a vampire mother. The child of a male vampire and a human woman is known as a Dhampir. This is an ancient Slavic belief not a modern embellishment. A Dhampir has a 'taint' of his father's inclinations (as all children do) but cannot utilize any vampire trait to anywhere near its full potential. When a Dhampir dies he has the option to become a full vampire without having been bitten or infected in anyway other than his inheritance. Most Dhampirs however are vampire hunters (probably a result of a bias upbringing) and most have their bodies destroyed after or near the time of their (impending) death so they won't become a vampire.

As near as I can translate, it would be the Spanish term Bruja, which is a witch that can transform into various animals and attack children.

During the day, giant squid live in the deep water. That is where they hunt deep sea fish and other squid. The live in temperate oceans, especially near continental and island slopes all over the world.

A zombie is a dead body reanimated A vampire is a dead body reanimated and maintained. A zombie at best starts out as a newly dead body and decays from there. A vampire starts out as a newly dead body but then can improve from there (a little bit, depending on initial conditions) and if it gets sustainance can maintain itself at that level. So it is easy to see that the vampire has the time dependent advantage. Straight off the block (that's colloquial for just starting) they would appear to be near equal and the contest would depend on the sort of persons the two of them were when they died. A zombie sumo wrestler would out-match a vampire baby. A vampire sumo wrestler would out-match a zombie baby. Now the zombie doesn't really have a mind of its own but is remotely controlled by its mambo priest (or what ever), this interface usually isn't the best. The vampire has a mind of its own so its performance would be better. Additionally, a zombie only has human strength to begin with, and tends to move rather slowly, thus giving the vampire the speed and strength advantage. Now, if we were talking about a vampire versus 100 zombies, that would be something else entirely.

It depends on what mythology you look into. In the Blade series it only take a bite as vampirism is a virus. In Bram Stokers Dracula and the Twilight series its the same as well but in the Anne Rice novels the vampire drinks from the human until they are near death and then the human drinks the vampires blood. If you search on wikipedia it should give you a more in-depth description!

no i dont think so vampire is describing the bat so it's like an adjective.

Twiilight is simply a vampire love story. It isn't the typical Dracula-and-skulls type of vampire story. It's different and really interesting. It's basically about this human girl who falls in love with a vampire called Edward Cullen, but Edward won't go near her because he longs to bite her, but doesn't want her to be hurt.

They eat mainly octopus, but also fish and squid near the surface.

1. yes 2.why would your cat be near human urine 3.flush the toilet if your cat drinks from it

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