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A speech that tells why should they pick you for treasurer.The qualities you have, and a vocabulary they understand to make a nice and smooth speech!!

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What is a good speech for student council treasurer?

For a good speech for running as a treasurer candidate, you could say"if i get nominated as your representative i will do my best to spend our budget money wisely" or something like that. Include some ideas on how you will be getting the money like a bake sale or car wash, and tell them what experience you have with budgets or spending, if you have any. Try to put some excitement into the speech and not be lame. Tell them why you would be good to be a treasurer or something unique. Remember to use the golden words "thank you" and tell them to "vote for ___."

What is a good slogan for Adam Bradley running for Treasurer?

Vote Adam for Treasurer, it will make Cents

What is a good logo for running for treasurer?

Count on (your name) because it makes cents!

How do you make a good 2 minute class speech for treasurer?

State your name and talk about your abilities. You can emphasize your level of responsibility. A two minute speech can go by quickly, so just use it effectively to convey your worthiness of becoming the treasurer.

What does the student council treasurer do?

Treasurer: Are you good with numbers? Interested in bookkeeping or accounting? The treasurer keeps track of funds.

What does a middle school treasurer do?

A treasurer is good with numbers and keeps track of funds.

What is a good or funny speech for student council treasurer?

Tell the crowd that youll bring change, say "No i am not trying to be Barack Obama, I really want change " lol

What would be a good music pun for a closure for my speech?

That would depend upon the topic of your speech.

What are good running dogs?

a great dog for running would be either a grey hound even a wippet would be good

What would be a good idea for treasurer?

put your money where my math is vote for Sharon In times like these, I am real treasure(r)

How can you write a really good Harry Potter speech?

It would depend what the speech was regarding.

What are some good speech topics for an indictment speech?

Some good speech topics would be child abuse,Adictions, anorexia,the media, Alcohol abuse, etc.

What is a good way ti start a speech?

What is a good way to start a speech??A Good Way To Start A Speech, Would Be By Starting It Off With The Opening Question For Example. (What Was The Most Rememberable Time Of Your Childhood History?) You Would Start It Off By Saying: "A Most Rememberable Time Of My Childhood History Would Be........."

What are some good Treasurer slogans?

show me money! (name) for treasurar

Which shoes are the best running shoes for women?

I would say that the best running shoes for you would be to go out and buy Ascis running trainers because their is a lot of good reviews out saying how good these shoes are to run in.

Qualities of a good treasurer?

Since a good treasurer is in charge of the monies collected by the group and for the members, said treasurer needs to be meticulous about recording the funds down to the penny, honest about how much came in and who really paid, strong enough to withstand requests for unnecessary expenses, and willing to report unethical financial behavior of the board. The treasurer herself/himself must be above reproach; no thieves or embezzlers need apply.

What are some good treasurer speech ideas?

well you can make a cool slogan like: VOTE FOR ME... IT JUST MAKES SENSE, or you can say:... YOU CAN COUNT ON ME ....... or you can just tell them, if you vote for me, I will make a diference. I will work my best, and always be trustworthy.

Good slogans for student council?

This can be for treasurer Vote for _______ it just makes cents

What is a good graduation speech structure?

A good graduation speech structure would be to start out talking personal experiences. The end of the speech should talk to the graduating class wishing them well and great success.

What are some good speech topics for a grade 5 student?

Good speech topics for a 5th grader would be the earth, the environment pollution, and American History.

What would be a good way to end a speech about coke?

a good way to end a coke speech is theres alot of coke products but coca-cola is a cassic

What are good running shoes for women?

A good brand I would suggest for womens running shoes would probably be the Reebok rezigs. i know a lot of people that own and really enjoy them they are great running shoes and their durable as well.

How do you make a good speech for running to vice president in an elementary school?

you should always say your responible for your actions you will take of the school

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