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Q: What would be an example of an intermediate good?
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How would you use the word intermediate in a sentence?

Example: The boy was competing at an intermediate level of hockey

Is flour sold to a bakery a final good or intermediate good?

It would be an intermediate good because it will be used in the production of baked goods. It is only a final good if it is not part of the production process of something.

What are examples of intermediate plan?

what is example of intermediate range planning

Is car purchased by a taxi driver is final or intermediate good?

intermediate good

What is a sentence with intermediate?

The word intermediate means in between, or in the middle. For example, "my children will attend the intermediate school next year".

What would be a good age and breed for a horse small 11 year old rider who is intermediate?

Depends on how intermediate the rider is, and what discipline and style of riding they want to do

Is bread a final good or intermediate good as far as making sandwiches?

if the final good is the sandwich, bread is a component: therefore an intermediate good

Is wilson a good golf ball brand?

Yes, they are decent enough, they would be an intermediate brand.

Are north and south example of intermediate direction?


What is an example of a intermediate color?

secondary color

What is an example of intermediate direction?

Intermediate directions are the directions or points that would fall in between the standard N, S, E, W points on a compass. These include NE, NW, SE, and SW.

What is a good cat for intermediate owners?

A kitten is the best cat for intermediate owners.