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Dihydrogen monoxide.

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Q: What would be the correct name for water if nomenclature guidelines were followed?
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Write the molecular formula for water What would be the correct name for this molecule if nomenclature chemical-naming guidelines were followed?

Hydrogen oxide (you'll occasionally see "dihydrogen monoxide" but that's overkill).

What does nomenclature mean?

Nomenclature is a system of names or terms that are used by a particular art, science, individual or community.Nautical nomenclature could include such terms as bilge water, spar, and mooring.Architectural nomenclature could include such terms as threshold, sill, rafter, and joist.Access the related online dictionary link listed below for more information:

What is the nomenclature name for h20 NOT WATER?

dihydrogen monoxide is the systematic name, but no one uses it.

How should the biological name of the giant water bug be written in binomial nomenclature?

Belostoma sp.

Plant adaptations include the development of water-resistant a.chlorophyll b.spores c.binomial nomenclature d.carotenoids?


Where is most water used in home?

Showers use the most water, followed by toilet, followed by faucet.

Is a water operator or an water operator which is correct?

A water operator is grammatically correct.

Is all potable water safe to drink?

A drinking fountain, or bubbler, yes. An ornamental fountain, no. People who install drinking fountain water at public places should take all precautionary measures to maintain hygiene and provide safe drinking water to the public. If these guidelines are followed then it should be safe to drink fountain water.

Which is most dense liquid water water vapor or ice?

liquid water followed by ice, finally followed by vapor. You can verify this by thinking about what happens when ice is in a cup of liquid water.

What mechanical principle is followed by the single handle faucets?

In a single handle faucet the mechanical principle is a ball valve one. This is where the ball valve acts to cut off whichever type of water is not wanted so the correct water comes out.

Can saltwater be spelled salt water what is the correct spelling?

Salt water is correct.

How do you spell water?

That is the correct spelling of most uses of the word "water" (H2O).