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There isn't a "typical" attire for a fashion designer. The funnest part about being a fashion designer is having your own style and view of how "You" see fashion.

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What would you do as a fashion designer?

design fashion

Explain the role of a fashion designer in the fashion industry?

A fashion designer designs fashion. With out a fashion designer, there would be no fashion, no clothes. Basicly, they design an outfit that a company will maufacture or, the designer will compose the outfit they made. so that either the model can wear it, or every day people. and there is more than one kind of fashion designer.

What is the difference between a fashion illustrator and fashion designer?

A fashion illustrator is someone who draws, photographs, or in some way reproduces fashions. A fashion designer is someone who comes up with new looks and pieces of clothing. Without a fashion designer there would be no fashion illustrators.

What would you have to do to become a fashion designer?

Studying fashion design would probably be a good start.

Where would you train to be a fashion designer?

rodwick acadamy

Where would a fashion designer work at?

There own home

Would you insurance to be a fashion designer?

Public liability

Would a fashion designer use math?


Where would one find a good deal for some fashion designer clothes?

A person would find a good deal for some fashion designer clothes online. Some websites that offer big discounts on fashion designer clothes include Bluefly and I-ELLA.

You are an artistic girl what would be a good job for you?

You couldbe a fashion designer, An artist. and an florist designer.

Can you become a fashion designer without being good at sewing?

yes because a fashion designer designs fashion, you don't have to sew, you can get someone to do that for you, but it would be helpful if you had a small idea of how to sew

What is fashion planning?

Fashion planning is like,say if your having a fashion show and your have to plan it that would be called Fashion planning or if your a fashion designer you would need to plan the clothes.Anything that is involved with fashion and you have to plan for it that would be called Fashion Planning.

Where would be the best place for a fashion designer to work at?


If i was a fashion designer would i get paid overtime?

it depends on your position

How long would it take to become a fashion designer?

To become a fashion designer you have to, first find a fashion school that works for you, next apply to a school, and then a lot of other things. If you want more info or the full list of steps, please go to: designer/.

What would your work surroundings be like when becoming a fashion designer?


How long would a fashion designer work?

It depends on the designer's capacity

How much money would you get to be a fashion designer?

It depends how good and how successful you are.

Who would you be working with if you were a fashion designer?

you would be working with guess what i know nick jonas not

What is the definition of dress attire?

Dress attire, is a particular fashion or series of clothing one likes to wear. For example, a fashion lover's attire would most probably be a set of expensive Sunday best gowns topped with some beautiful jewels, or the latest trends of shirts and skirts with excellent jewellery.

Why was it that important for people to use fashion?

It was important for people to use fashion because there would be no jobs such as a model or a designer.

Where would a fashion designer work?

i fashion designer can in any places he likes... he can chose a place of his own he can lease an office space or just within the comforts of his home...

Preparing for a Career as a Fashion Designer?

A person who'd like to begin a style career has lots of opportunities to consider. One of the most visible style careers is that of a fashion designer. A fashion designer creates different styles of clothing and other items such as shoes and purses, in a person's wardrobe. Someone who is able to envision the finished product from a design on paper would be ideal for a career as a fashion designer. The following offers further information for someone interested in becoming a fashion designer. Some of the common responsibilities of a fashion designer include making sketches of a piece of clothing highlighting its style and colors. A fashion designer is knowledgeable about fabrics and styles customers will appreciate. A skilled fashion designer can look at the rough design of a garment and make appealing changes. A person with a talent for choosing colors that complement one another and a love of creating new styles would likely find success in this competitive industry. Fashion designers have a variety of educational backgrounds. Some individuals apprentice with a talented fashion designer to learn about the responsibilities and details of the work. In many cases, an experienced fashion designer can teach an apprentice aspects of the work that he or she would not learn in school. Other people who want to be fashion designers earn a Bachelor's degree with a focus on fashion design. In fashion design courses, a student learns about the history of fashion design as well as the new technology that assists some of the designers of today. In addition to classes, there are internships that help students experience the work of a fashion designer. The median annual salary for a fashion designer (Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2008) was $61,160. Of course, there are a lot of variables to the salary of a fashion designer. A person with more experience in the industry and several successes would likely earn a larger salary than a person who is just starting a fashion design career. In addition, a fashion designer who is starting their own business would need time to build a reputation and experience success.

How years in college would it take to become a fashion designer?

You don't need college to become a fashion designer, but you do need talent, money, and a bit of luck. There is the Fashion Institute in NYC that you can learn from, but no formal education is required.

When would a fashion designer use decimal?

When the designer wants to buy material whose length is not a whole number of metres.

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