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What would cause 2003 Chrysler alero stop running while driving?


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2008-05-24 16:25:31
2008-05-24 16:25:31

The Alero is made by Oldsmobile not Chrysler. My first suspicion would be a failed fuel pump or clogged fuel filter.


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Defective fuel pump would be the most likely cause, but it can be other things.

Replace the fuel filter and have the ignition module checked.

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Some things that can cause a car to stall while driving it include a bad fuel pump, running out of gas, and low fuel pressure. A clogged catalytic converter can also cause this to happen.

Out of Oil Out of Water Out of Gas Dead Alternator

Most likely cause is a leak. Could be a shock or a line.

hi - we have a 2004 olds alero and have question about fuel milage . we get at best 16.3 mpg city ,is this normal ?

a bad sensor. the alero is notorius for many bad sensors. not an expensive replacement though

I totally believe that you will never find a carb kit for your alero cause it does not have a carb it is a fuel injected engine.

Poor preventative maintenance is a leading cause of vehicle breakdowns.


Loss of fuel (fuel pump) loss of ignition ( crankshaft or camshaft sensor or wiring)

There are several reasons that can cause your 1995 Buick Century to quit running. The most common reason is a lack of fuel. A bad fuel pump can cause the engine to quit running.

It is important to maintain speed while driving, unless coming to a stop. A car would decelerate if there was not enough fuel or electricity to keep the car running.

In my 1999 Alero, it did this and it was traced back to the power steering pump going bad.

need a new engine most likely. driving dry or on low oil for a few miles will cause will be cheaper for you to just get a used engine with lower miles from a junk yard than taking it apart and rebuilding it..

I have a 2000 olds alero and the signal light only work sometimes, What would cause that?

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