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Probably Epilepsy. My Britney Spaniel has it. If the attacks are infrequent and not severe ( such as convulsing so violently they bite themselves, or throw themselves down stairs, etc ) my Vet advised me to just let it be. When he has an attack I just try to make him comfortable, usually by sitting next to him, putting his head on my lap, stroking his head telling him it will be over soon. ( his attacks are about 3-5 minutes from start to finish. He's thirsty when it's over, gets a long drink, acts as if nothing happened!) The medication is worse than the fits ( barbiturates which are habit forming and must be given in larger and larger doses !) so unless the dogs quality of life is terrible ( such as 5 or more fits per day) or if they are severe, just let them pass.

There are LOTS of reasons that would cause an animal to have a seizure. Any reason that a human would have a seizure can cause an animal to have one. Let's just start a list here - brain tumor - fungal infection in the brain- Diabetes- epilepsy etc etc etc.

my black lab started having seizures at age 11 and at age 13 i guess the pills they gave him just didn't work anymore and he just had them all night for 24 hrs... we had to put him to sleep... but when he was on the pills he was kinda delirious my dog that never fetched started fetching....

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