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It's likely just scar tissue - nothing serious. If you're concerned or have any pain, see a doctor immediately. Note: Try not to play with it too much. This is a common way to get bumps, lumps, or any other type of uncomfortable things around the hole. If it is a new piercing (like you mentioned), playing with it will only further these lumps.

-- Okay, I got a cartilage piercing about a month ago and everything was fine until about two weeks ago. It started to hurt really bad and it was sore constantly, but i thought it was just the healing process. Well, when i looked closer, it turns out i had a lump behind it. It was all red and gross, so i decided to pop it. It helped for a while, but the lump came back, so i went to see the person who pierced my ear. He told me that i had a small keloid. He told me that i should clean it out with salt water everyday or use neosporin on it every three days.

either way, he told me it would take about a month to clear up.

It was caused by bacteria that had gotten under the skin around my piercing, and it could very likely happen to a lip piercing too.

it'll go away if you clean and take care of it regularly.

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Q: What would cause a lump inside a new lip piercing?
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NO. It'd help if you went to a piercing shop and asked them what was wrong with your piercing. The lump around it could be a sac of infection.

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Don't listen to them if you just got it done then yes it is if its on the inside of your lip then it is probably skin tissue, and it'll go away.

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