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Q: What would cause you to need short term oxygen?
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What would cause rapid respiration in horses?

Rapid respiration can be caused by breathing difficulties, increased need for oxygen due to exercise or from pain.

What cause us to breathe?

Lack of oxygen in the cells. Cellular respiration requires oxygen. Without oxygen, the cells acquire the energy they need from lactic acid fermentation. (This is the cause of muscle pain after workouts).

How are the oxygen family is elements are found in nature?

'cause I'm always where I need to be Yeah, and I always thought I would end up With you, eventually Do dodo do do do do...

What would happen if all the oxygen present in the environment is converted to ozone?

it will become poisonous and kill living forms as all living beings need oxygen to breathe and survive............ so dear friends it is a short defination for it

Why does your body need oxygen to function?

we need oxygen to function because without oxygen we would suffocate to death. without oxygen we wouldn't exist right now.

What is an element that you need to breath?

that would be oxygen

Why cant humans survive more than a few minutes without oxygen?

b/c your brain would cause you to lose consciousness and then normal breathing would start to resume.

Why shouldn't kids get out of school earlier?

cause they need more sleep and should have school start later, and then the day would be too short.

Why do you need trees in a short explanation?

Trees breathe carbon dioxide- which we exhale- and they give off oxygen- which we need to survive.

Why do blood cells need oxygen?

Blood cells need oxygen to move and reproduce, without it, they would die. And in time, you would also die.

What do you do when the fuse for the gauges keeps blowing?

You need to find the cause of the short.

Why do you need oxygenation?

We need oxygen to let your body work. You would die without oxygen because the chemistry of your body would stop live