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I am guessing when i say this because I am judging from the name circuit breakers. I think the electricity would over load thus causing it to blow up.

A circuit breaker is nothing more than a re-settable fuse. If they are not installed in a circuit then any overload will result in heat being generated above the capacity of the circuit. This will result in damage to components or in the worse case, a fire.

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Q: What would happen if circuit breakers were not installed?
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What might happen if circuit breakers or fuses were not installed in a circuit in a house?

The house would most likely burn down whenever a power surge hit.

Electrician said that he would add 2 new circuits so that the breakers wouldn't trip. How do I know he actually did that if there wasn't any new circuit breakers installed in the panel?

He may have installed Tandem breakers. Tandem breakers allow you to fit 2 breakers into one standard breaker slot. They are slimmer in design to allow for this.

Where the circuit breakers are located?

If your circuit breakers are in the garage, they would be in a electrical panel (a metal box mounted on a (usually) outside wall, with the electric meter on the outside. The circuit breakers can be either just below the meter on the outside on opposite it inside the garage. It would usually be very close to where the electric connection to the house is. The electrical panel and breakers are not necessarily in the garage.

How would you install ge circuit breakers?

There are many ways one can install ge circuit breakers. One can install ge circuit breakers by turning off the power supply, removing the panel cover, testing it for power, and installing it by alining the breaker with the unused panel space.

When would you need to use westinghouse circuit breakers?

You need these types of circuit breakers when using 240 volt power rather than 120 volt. Large appliances such as a dryer require these larger circuit breakers. Other appliances such as stoves and some water heaters also require them.

What is the role of a switch?

A switch is installed in a circuit to stop the current flow. Without the switch there is no way to disconnect the operation of the circuit's load. In modern households the switch is a convenient way to control room lighting from a convenient location. Without switches the circuit power would have to be controlled from the service distribution panel's breakers. In this scenario the breaker would be in the same class as a switch.

If a 12 volt 18 amp hour battery is installed in a circuit with a continuous 1 amp current draw on the battery what would happen?

would discharge in 18 hours

What local hardware stores sell circuit breakers in Bristol?

Local hardware stores would be a good place to start when looking for circuit breakers. Another resource to check out would be electrical supply stores. Avonvale Electrics on Winterstoke Road in Bristol is one such store.

What do fuses and circuit breakers protect circuits from?

They protect the downstream components from spikes in the eletrical system.CommentFuses and circuit breakers do not protect against 'spikes', which are near-instantaneous voltage increases. Fuses and circuit breakers are overcurrent protection devices, which protect appliances against excessive current due to overloads or short circuits. CommentFuses and circuit breakers are used to protect the wire feeder that supplies the load. A load could be connected to a circuit that would cause an increase of amperage above what the wire is rated for. If this condition happens the fuse or circuit breaker will open the load from the supply service.

What is the purpose for a fuse or a circuit breaker what would happen without them?

Purpose of Fuses [and Circuit Breakers]Fuses and Circuit Breakers are safety devices designed and installed in electrical circuits TO PROTECT the conductors [wires] from short circuit and overload conditions which can cause extreme overheating of the conductors, that can result in damage to the conductors, and in worse case scenario the possibility of a FIRE which could destroy the vehicle.When a fuse, and its replacement, "blows," is an indication of an UNSAFE CONDITION in that circuit.Some ingnorant few people will suggest installing a larger fuse to correct the blowing problem. To install a larger fuse would invite damage to the wiring and an electrical system fire.The proper "fix" is for a qualified technician, who knows what he/she's doing, to:troubleshoot the circuit,find and identify the defect, andmake proper repair [s], BEFORE replacing the fuse again [with the properly sized fuse for the circuit].

What happens when two circuit breakers are parallel?

There are 3 cases in C.B. paralleling: 1. Both Circuit breakers of same current ratings with same time settings. 2. Both circuit breakers of different current ratings 3. Both Circuit breakers of same current ratings with different time settings. Case1: Any of the C.B.trips (depending on CT characteristics as no two CTs' can have same characteristics) Case 2. The one with lower current ratings would trip first. Case 3: The one with lower time settings would trip earlier.

Why do some circuits have breakers?

They are a safety mechanism designed to open or break the circuit in the case of overload. They are usually used when a device on the circuit would be damaged or destroyed by an overload.