What would happen if had no electricity?

That is in a sense a tough question - But really the question is - Is this a sudden electrical shortage - If so that would mean chaos. That would imply a shortage in fuels used to produce electricity or total breakdown of the elctrical networks. A more likely scenario is shortages and depletion of natural resources causing shortages in some areas and the lac of ability to sustain the power generation based on demand. In either case, the sudden shortage would result in the perishing of most colder climate regions. It would result in a breakdown of all technology and systems. In other words, only the strongest would survive - war, famine, disasters. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX On the other hand, if this was a gradual shortage, supply falls below demand. This would mean great cost increases for power and inflation across the board. It would prompt innovation, and reliance upon alternative fuel - solar and possibly the power of a fuel cells possibly being the future. In case of the demand exceeding the supply - there would be moderate occurences of the events mentioned above. You would be surfing the net by candle light!!! It would be a catastophic event that would cause all loss of electricity. Even then It would not all be lost. Several people and a great many more businesses and municipalities have backup systems, solar power, windmills ect. The US is divided into the eastern and western grid. I would guess it would be nearly impossible for all but a few countries to cause this. Vegas would be the place to go because they derive most of thiers from Hoover Dam.