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Well, the space shuttle is no longer in space, it is in a museum, so if you hit a hockey puck off it, the hockey puck would probably crash into the museum wall.

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Q: What would happen if hockey puck was hit off the space shuttle?
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What would happen to a hockey puck if it was hit off a space shuttle?

F it were in orbit. It would not stop until it was acted upon by another force. ie. it hits something, or another planets gravity.

What would happen to a space shuttle if it lost its forward motion?

lose orbit.

What would happen to a burning candle if you put it in the space shuttle?

It would stop burning if there was no oxygen.

What would happen if a space shuttle goes into a black hole?

If a space shuttle were to approach a black hole, the extreme gravitational pull would likely cause it to be stretched and ripped apart by tidal forces, a process known as spaghettification. As it enters the event horizon, it would be unable to escape and would inevitably be consumed by the black hole, with all information contained within the shuttle lost to the singularity.

Which space ship would you go on to get to space?

Any! but i would seggest a space shuttle Any! but i would seggest a space shuttle

What would happen if you were able to drop from a space shuttle?

you would float around till you get in a black hole or a planets grational pull

What would happen on a space walk if the rope connecting you to the shuttle fell off?

If you happened to be moving away from the shuttle at the time, you would continue in that direction until something changed your direction of movement.

Where would you find a space shuttle in the atmosphere?

I am pretty sure that a space shuttle is found in the thermosphere or mesosphere.

How would you feel in a space shuttle in outer space?


Is gravity acting on a person inside the space shuttle?

yes. How else would the space shuttle stay in orbit?

How would astronuts travel into space or to the moon?

they would travel in a space shuttle

How would space people travel?

In space, they don't. If they are in a space shuttle, however, they would move themselves using handlebars attached to the shuttle designed specifically for propelling themselves.