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What would happen if you added dilute hydrochloric acid to calcium carbonate?

2HCl + CaCO3 = CaCl2 + H2CO3

H2CO3 decomposes to produce CO2 and H2O

Calcium carbonate will bubble!!

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What happen when marble chips is treated with dilute hydrochloric acid?

Marble chips(made of Calcium carbonate) react with hydrochloric acid to make Calcium chloride, Water and Carbon dioxide.Calcium Carbonate + Hydrochloric acid ----> Calcium chloride + Water + Carbon DioxideCaCO3 + 2 HCl ----> CaCl2 + H2O + CO2

What happen when dilute HCL poured in egg shell?

egg shell is mainl composed of calcium carbonate. When dilute hydrochloric acid is added to it , it reacts to form salt + H2o + CO2 CaCO3 + 2Hcl--------> CaCl2 + H2o+ CO2

What happen when sodium hydrogen carbonate reacts with dilute H2SO4?

what happen when sodium hydrogen carbonate reacts with dilute h2so4

What will happen when you react calcium carbonate with an acid?

calcium carbonate reacts with acids ,How ? when calcium carbonate reacts with a dilute acid it will form the corresponding salt and water .will also release carbon dioxide. e.g. CaCO 3 + H Cl --> Ca Cl 2 + C O2 +H2O EDIT: The above chemical equation is not balanced... Here's the balanced equation: CaCO3 + 2HCl -> CaCl2 +CO2 + H2O Calcium Carbonate reacts with Hydrochloric acid to form Calcium Chloride, Carbon dioxide, and water.

What will happen if acid reacts with marble?

Marble chips are calcium carbonate. If the hydrochloric acid is strong(concentrated), it acts upon the marble and corrodes it liberating

How might a geologist use acid in the field to identify carbonate rocks such as anhydrite and gypsum?

If you put cold dilute Hydrochloric acid on a carbonate rock the acid dissolves the rock and you get bubbles of carbon dioxide in the acid. This reaction will only happen with carbonate rocks.

What would happen if hydrochloric acid and calcium carbonate came in contact?

Calcium chloride would be formed and there would be water and carbon dioxide formed Hope this helped, if it does please recommend me it would be much appreciated

What happen when calcium formate is distilled?

On dry distillation it produces Formaldehyde and Calcium carbonate.

What will happen if dilute hydrochloric acid was added to sandstone?

Nothing will happen to the Sandstone :D Hope that would help =)

What happen when dilute nitric acid is added to a sample of chalk?

Chalk should dissolve producing effervescence (due to the formation of carbon dioxide). Chalk is calcium carbonate and dissolves is nitric acid forming calcium nitrate and carbon dioxide.

What happen of mixed calcium chloride solution and sodium carbonate solution filtering and wash the residue with distilled water allow to dry adding hydrochloric acid?

Carbon dioxide gas is given out! Explanation: calcium carbonate precipitates from mixing calcium chloride solution and sodium carbonate solution, because it has low solubility in water. When it meets strong acid (HCl), it reacts to give out carbon dioxide while forming calcium chloride in the aqueous solution.

What will happen if you mix calcium carbonate and sulfuric acid?

you will end up with: calcium carbonate + sulfuric acid --> calcium sulfate + carbon dioxide + water CaCO3 + H2SO4 --> CaSO4 + CO2 + H20

What would happen if you tried to swallow a lump of the element calcium without the compound calcium?

Our GI tracts cannot absorb calcium unless it is ionized in a compound, such as calcium carbonate. A great source of calcium carbonate is crushed oyster shells.

What will happen when carbonate minerals come into contact with hydrochloric aci?

The acid will react with the carbonate minerals, releasing CO2 gas, the minerals will "fizz".

What happen when calcium carbonate is heated give reaction?

When calcium carbonate is heated, it breaks down by thermal decomposition to carbon dioxide & calcium oxide (quicklime). Here is the word equation: Calcium carbonate --> Calcium oxide + Carbon dioxide Here is the chemical equation: CaCO3 (s) --> CaO (s) + CO2 (g)

What could happen if gold is placed in dilute hydrochloric acid?

Nothing, gold does not react with hydrochloric acid, if there are impurities of other metals in gold then impurities may react and form chloride salts.

What would happen to limestone if you added dilute hydrochloric and left for 30 mins?

When the hydrochloric acid is dropped on limestone it will start to bubble (which is carbon dioxide). After thirty minutes, there will be CaCl2 and water left on the limestone.

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