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you could fly all about.

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Q: What would happen if you could fly?
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What would happen if pigs could fly?

then bacon would be really expensive! Also They could only fly if a pig breeded with a bird or chicken!But its not gonna happen Yet!

What would you if you would fly?

you could fly all about.

What will happen if there will be no force?

we would fly up

What would happen if penguins could fly?

If penguins could fly then they could get away from predators faster but then there would be an over population of penguins and at the zoo you would have to keep them in a cage and clean it. Also if penguins could fly the world could get over taken by penguins and we wouldn't be able to drive without seeing a sign that says: "beware of the penguins!" how would you feel if you saw that sign? I know that I would be terrified.

What would happen in a paper airplane was on the moon?

Nothing. There is no air to give it lift. It would fly as far as you could throw it before it settled on the surface.

If humans could fly what would you do?

I would fly to school, fly upstairs and propably fly everywhere!!!

What would happen if every egg a fruit fly laid became a fruit fly?

the world would suck

What could happen to your house during a hurricane?

it could get ripped off of its foundations and fly about in the wind

If pigs could fly how would this effect us?

this would mean we would have to find a better cliche term to tell someone its never going to happen (and pork would be more expensive because pigs could escape from sties)

What would happen in a rugby match if there was no gravity?

players, match officials and supporters would float in mid air. The ball when kicked would fly off in to infinity unless a player could catch it in flight. Basically the game just would not happen

What would be happen if earth suddenly loss a gravity?

we can fly

Will you really have cars that actually fly?

Maybe. It could happen in many years