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Without the heart and vessels to pump blood around your body, you would not be able to sustain life and would die.

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Q: What would happen if you did not have a cardiovascular system?
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What would happen if you wouldn't have a cardiovascular system?

you would die

If the lymphatic system didn't exist what would happen to the cardiovascular system?

Our blood pressure would decrease.

What would happen if your system fails?

The cardiovascular system consists of the heart, failure of the heart can lead to death.

What might happen if your cardiovascular did not function properly?

If the cardiovascular system doesn't work, then obviously organs would be affected. The first organ affected will be the lungs.

Which is not an effect of smoking on the on the cardiovascular system?

There are many effects of smoking on your cardiovascular system. One thing that does not happen from smoking is increased cholesterol.

How does the cardiovascular affect the skeletomuscular system?

The muscles use oxygen transported by the cardiovascular system.

What is the purpose for the cardiovascular system?

The cardiovascular system (The Heart) pumps blood throughout the body. Without the Cardiovascular system, humans would be dead.

How do cardiovascular system and the skeletomuscular system interact?

They help the process of movement happen in a smoother manner.

What would happen if the cardiovascular System was taken away?

Almost every living species of animal on the planet would die.

Why do i need the cardiovascular system to live?

The cardiovascular system pumps essential nutrients and oxygen to all of your cells. without your cardiovascular system your cells would start to die, and your brain and other organs would shut down because of the lack of oxygen.

Organization of the cardiovascular system and heart?

Circulatory system and Cardiovascular system

How do the cardiovascular system and the skeletomuscular systems interact?

They help the process of movement happen in a smoother manner.