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It would probably die. But it depends on how cold the water is. Goldfish like warm water. So take it out of the cold water and put it in warm water.

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I would suggest to put cold water. Not really cold, but, regular cold, tap water.

Some species of goldfish can survive in 0-degree water, but most goldfish won't survive in water below 10 degrees C. The fish would probably survive a while but would eventually stop moving and die.

cold is better cuz when your in the ocean is the water hot or cold cold

Goldfish need cold water around 55F to 70F.

Goldfish are meant to live in cold water, not the warm water in a tropical aquarium. This is a huge reason why goldfish and tropicals shouldn't be in the same tank.

they do well. not too cold though!

Goldfish die in cold water because they are not used to the water tempurture. But if you put the fish in a bag and set the bagin the cold water the water in the bag and in the tank will be come the same tempurture.

Goldfish breathe slower in cold water because there is more oxygen in cold water. Therefore they don't have to breathe as much to get the amount of oxygen they need

No, goldfish need cold water, swordtails need warm water

It will get wet and cold, which would be cruel.

If the water temperature is at or below freezing, the goldfish will die.

Other cold water fish such as orandas and goldfish.

Goldfish is a cold-blooded animal. It's temperature is the same as the water around it.

No, because gouramis are tropical and goldfish enjoy cold water.

you put it somewhere where there is no sunlight or light because goldfish die in the heat so use cold water and put it somewhere cold but not that cold

A giant nuclear explosion would happen and we would all die.

Nothing spectacular and nothing fast. They will not fight!! If the water is too warm (Bettas are tropical) the goldfish will have its metabolism racing and won't live long. If the water is cold and suits the goldfish then the Betta will slow down and eventually its organs will stop working and it will die.

The cold water causes an increase in oxygen, in the water, which makes it easier for the fish to breathe.

I do not know of any Algae eaters that can live in cold water . Goldfish are cold water fish. So unless you can find some species of cold water algae eater the answer is no they can not be kept together successfully.

The glass would break and you would have a mess

Yes, that is why they are cold water fish. Also, warmer water has less oxygen in it so the goldfish could also suffocate.

It's typically not recommended. Goldfish are cold water fish, and are used to the levels of dissolved oxygen in colder waters. Since warmer water holds less dissolved oxygen than cold water, it may negatively impact the health of your goldfish.

Yes and it is below 70 degrees