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You would become more than friends

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Q: What would happen if you someone kissed someone with diabetes?
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What happens if you kiss someone in the influence of ecstasy?

The same thing that would happen if you kissed them whilst not on ecstasy.

What happens if you kissed someone who smokes drugs?

they are not worth it. dont kiss them. i dont know what would happen but they will get you in their bed.

What would happen if naruto and Hinata kissed?

The world would end

What would happen if someone did not control their diabetes?

if someone did not control their diabetes, it will effect the Kidney and Heart. Also the eyesight will be affected adversly. Due to un-controlled diabetes there may be renal disorder which may cause the kidney failure and the person will require the dialysis.

How do you tell someone you want to be tested for diabetes?

I would like to be tested for diabetes please.

What would happen if you kissed your principal?

You would get into trouble. No school principal would allow you to get that close. It is illegal.

What happened if a black kissed a white?

Nothing would happen. Just a kiss

What would happen if you kissed a witch?

Witches are not real, therefore, when would you get in a situation where you have been or did kiss a witch?

What would happen if you kissed a girl on the cheek?

then u and the girl will fall in love with each other

Do cancer patients have diabetes?

Cancer patients can have diabetes, but cancer does not mean someone will get it. The exception to this is pancreatic cancer. It directly effects the organ that would cause diabetes.

What would be a good diabetic diet for someone with diabetes?

The best diet for anyone with diabetes is the diet that your doctor gave them. The foods that a person with diabetes can eat will vary depending on the type of diabetes the person has.

What would happen if teens took anabolic steroids?

among the risks are diabetes and aneurysms

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