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You wouldn't be protected from pregnancy at all. You would probably have weird period and you may be moody and irritable. I don't think anything major would happen, but it's probably not the safest thing to do to your body. You'd get really sick! READ the instructions that come with BCP! Why would anyone do that? You'd be barfing like crazy...just take them the way they're MEANT to be taken..

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โˆ™ 2005-05-12 00:06:30
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Q: What would happen if you took all the birth control pills at once?
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What would happen if a male took birth control pills?

Nothing would happen.

What can happen to a diabetic man if he takes birth control pills?

Birth control pills are hormones, so nothing willl happen to him. Why would he do that? If he took enough he might want to start to wear pink.

What would happen if a man take birth control pill for his Brest?

Due to the estrogen birth control pills probably will make a mans breasts grow.

Where do you get birth control pills?

You would get birth control pills from your pharmacy. Your doctor would have to prescribe them. But you might be able to get them from a family planning clinic like Planned Parenthood.

Can three birth control pills poison you if taken at once?

No. It's just not recommended. If three birth control pills could kill you then they would not have emergency contraceptives on the market (which has a higher dosage than three birth control pills).

What would happen if you take a whole weeks worth of birth control pills?

Nothing. You might get sick though. Don't do it though.

Would you bleed if you stopped taking your birth control pills?


Can birth control cause heavy menstrual bleeding Should I continue taking my birth control?

Birth control pills should stop your menstrual bleeding. I would suggest you stop the pills and talk to your doctor

How do you know birth control has failed?

As far as using birth control pills the only way for the pill to fail is for ovulation to happen and a pregnancy to occur. Pregnancy would be the only proof of failure from the pill.

Can you still take birth control while trying to get pregnant?

That would be foolish. Birth control pills prevent pregnancy.

Would you throw up from taking 2 birth control pills at once?

no you would not

How do you change from the birth control patch to the birth control pill?

Normally you would start the birth control patch on the day you were scheduled to start the next pack of pills.

Does thermogenic weight loss pills effect birth control pills?

Probably not but I would check with a pharmacist to be sure.

Would a unborn child die if you took several birth control pills?

no, because birth control (in any method: pills, ring, patch, shot, implant) is meant to CONTROL birth BEFORE it happens. they are useless after you're already pregnant.

What is the addictiveness of birth control pills?

Birth control pills have no addictive qualities. That said - some people can become psychologically addicted to just about anything. I just don't see what the attraction would be.

Do birth control pills happen to show up a drug test?

Drug panels test for between 12 and 20 substances. Birth control is not one of the drugs that would fall in the group of regularly tested for chemical markers.

What would happen if someone took 4 birth control pills?

Overdosing on birth control pills isn't fatal. Depending on the brand/chemical in that particular pill, it could be anything from breast tenderness, to irregular bleeding, to discolored urine. You should, however, consult the insert for your pill and follow the directions if you've missed 3-4 active pills.

Would you get pregnant if its your first time on birth control pills?

If you're on birth control pills for the first time, you don't have any more of a risk of getting pregnant than you normally would if you have been on them for a long period of time.

Why would I have my period twice in a month and on birth control?

Birth control can cause this to happen don't worry

Does aciphex affect birth control?

Aciphex mat affect birth control in some instances. This is because it affects other medicines taken and would therefore interfere with birth control pills.

What will happen to an egg if it is released 3 days before beginning birth control pills and would there still be a risk of pregnancy?

Yes, if you had sex during those three days, you should ask your doctor though. *you could get pregnant, but if the levels of your birth control pills are high enough, it could prevent implantation in the uterus, and you would essentially miscarry

Why would you suddenly stop having periods while on birth control pills?

Depends as much on the birth control pills, organism reaction ans on the actual pregnancy. Nobody ever claimed 100% efficiency.

Does oil of oregano affect the birth control pill?

I have never heard oregano would have any impact on birth control pills and we eat it all the time.

What would happen if a man took birth control pills for an extended period of time?

This may have the effect of mood swings and becoming very emotional because birth control contains female hormones, mostly estrogen, so his masculinity may drain.

Would birth control pills harm a six year old if take it?

There is no need for them to but no I don't think it would.