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The air would eventually reach 100% humidity. Rivers would stop flowing. Lakes would dry up. Soil would become dry and crumbly- dust that would erode in the wind. There would be so many cluds (water vapor, remember?) that the temperature would change.

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Q: What would happen to the water on Earth's surface if precipitation could not take place?
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What could happen to earths surface if there was a change in the water cycle?

There could be change in the content of water. It will affect the level of water in the water bodies.

What would happen if precipitation could not take place?

it would decrease

What is the precipitation on Jupiter?

The types of precipitation on Jupiter is very different that the earth. If a person could live on the surface, he or she would see helium and methane raining from the sky.

A reference point for determining position and motion could be?

The earths surface, a building, and a moving object

What wears down and builds up earths surface?

Weathering, erosion, and deposition. Earth's surface could also be built up by volcanism.

What planet temperature is closest to the earths?

Mercury has an average surface temperature (67°) closest to the Earths average surface temperature (14°C). The temperature on Mercury varies a lot though - you could argue that Mars is closer in temperature.

How does change in the earth's surface happen?

When tectonic plates move, anything could happen.

Describe 3 things that can happen to precipitation after it lands on the ground?

Precipitation is the generic term for rain or snow. 1. Rain could soak into the ground. 2. Rain could run off into streams or rivers. 3. Snow could accumulate.

Whether you could see it or not how much of the Earths surface is always lit?

Ask dominick Bass he knows. Been

What type of changes to Earth's surface could happen at a normal fault?

What the answer

What happen to the earth surface when earthquake occurs?

it depends, it could break or have nothing happen depending on the strength

What will be the effect on radiation received at earths surface of a decrease of ozone in the stratosphere?

Decrease of ozone in the stratosphere could cause UV to enter the surface. These could cause skin cancer and the immune system to weak.