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Q: What would have happen if the Spanish had not built presidios?
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What do you think might have happened if the Spanish had not built presidios?

Nothing would have happened. They built them to establish a presence.

What was built to protect the missions that were established by the Spanish?

A presidio is a fortified base established by the Spanish in North America between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. The fortresses were built to protect against pirates, hostile native Americans and enemy colonists. Other presidios were held by Spain in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, in Italy, on Elba and in North Africa. Later, with independence, the Mexicans garrisoned the Spanish presidios on the northern frontier and followed the same pattern in unsettled frontier regions like the Presidio de Sonoma, at Sonoma, California and the Presidio de Calabasas, in Arizona. A short distance outside a presidio, would be a rancho del rey, or king's farm, a tract of land assigned to it to furnish pasturage to the horses and other beasts of burden of the garrison

What would life be like if the Spanish American war didn't happen?

There would be no FREEDOM and that would be if it didn't happen

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we would be invaded

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England would be a Catholic country.

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ich weiß nicht

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Considering this actually did happen, and since the Spanish wiped out the Aztecs, Spanish. Also Gunpowder and Horses

What did Philip II believe would happen if spanish forces invaded England?

He believed that he would have inherited the throne if spanish force invaded england.

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