What would life be without Any farms?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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We wouldn't receive much of the goods, especially food that we do today. We probably wouldn't receive the proper nutrients provided in the goods farms produce.

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Q: What would life be without Any farms?
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Why do you need farms?

Farms provide us with food and animals that we eat. Also, without farms, there would be no ethanol, cheese, milk, or practically any meat product. Also, corn syrup and the many soybean products would not be possible. There would be no sugar if there were no farms. Without farms the world would be a much different place, in a very bad way.

How would the world be without animals?

it will not be any life without animals

Which is largest country without any farms?


How would life be without carnivore?

Just ask any vegetarian

What would life be on earth if there was no sun?

It is doubted that there would be any life on earth without the sun because it would be so cold with absolutely no heat at all.

What would life be like without lipids?

There wouldn't be any life. Cell membranes are all made of phospholipid bilayers.

Explain what one day in your life would be like without any government?

Tax Free!

Would life exist without water?

No, it would not exist because you need water to get you energy and you may die without water so water is a very big part of you life so no you would not exist

Is life possible without interaction of living and non living things?

What would the living thing eat? No, life would not be possible without the interaction of living and non living things. As is pointed out we would not be able to eat if there were not any "non living things".Earth would be one big void without living creatures and plant life.

Why are farms so important?

farms are important because if we didnt have farms the we would not get any vegetables. because farmers grow that kind of stuff and they live on farms. Also leaves give us air.... so more oxygen for us!!!!

Are horses used on any other place beside farms?

Believe it or not, teachers use them as fail at life.

How has this technology improved the quality of human life?

Technology spans from a stone ax to an iPad so there would be no decent human life without any of it.