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Q: What would make the north and south cautious of a new territory becoming a state?
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Which state is north of South Australia?

There is no state directly north of South Australia. The Norhern Territory, which is a territory and not a state, borders South Australia to the north. To the northeast is Queensland.

What was a territory in the civil war?

The North and The south.

Did the Dakota territory with the north or south?


Did the. Dakota Territory side with the North or the South?


What was one geographical advantage the south had over the north?

The South was fighting in its own territory.

Did congress create South Dakota territory in 1857?

No, Dakota Territory was created on 2 March 1861 and North Dakota and South Dakota were created from that territory on 2 November 1889.

Where is schwabien territory in Germany?

it is Stuttgart to Lake Constance from North to south

How did the south fight a defensive war?

With the exception of the air war over the north, the ground war occurred in southern territory. The north invaded the south, the south didn't invade the north.

What would be the North Korean's justification for sinking the South Korean ship?

North Korea says it was in their territory and wouldn't leave, North and South Koreas have different stories.

Why was the NorthWest Territory made?

The Northwest Territory is made out of the region south of the Great Lakes , north and west of the Ohio River

Nebraska is to Kansas as what is to south Australia?

Northern Territory: because this is located north of South Australia just like Nebraska is located north of Kansas.

What direction would one travel from the Louisiana Purchase to British Territory in present-day Canada?