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Check your timming. It might be advanced too far

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โˆ™ 2004-07-19 09:44:25
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Q: What would make your van backfire?
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What would make 95 Honda odyssey sputter and backfire?

Incorrect ignition timing or damaged valves would make a 95 Honda Odyssey sputter and backfire. Backfires are directly caused when ignition occurs at the wrong time.

What would make your truck backfire through carb?

probably 180 deg out on timing

What would make a 1989 Chevrolet 350 backfire and have no guts on takeoff?

It's lean.

Will a bad timing chain make the engine backfire?

Incorrect Timing Can Cause Backfire.

Why do you get a backfire sound when you get off the accelerator of your Dodge van?

you have a leak in the exhaust system lets in air

Why does your dodge ram 250 van backfire?

if it backfires when driving most crank sensors cause this

What would make your 1998 Toyota Tacoma backfire?

Out of time or spark plug wires hooked up incorrectly.

Why does 2001 Dodge Ram Van 3.9 start then backfire have to shut off and restart and then is fine?

I have the same problem in my ram van 3.9. Did you figure it out yet?

What would make a 1990 Chevrolet lumina run sluggish and backfire when decelerating?

It can mean that this engine is out of time. You may need to have it timed.

What would make a 1988 old ciera hard to start have a rough idle and backfire?

Poor maintenance and/or bad ignition coil.

Would no catalytic converter cause backfire?

Having no catalytic converter installed is illegal and can cause a myriad of problems. Probably not a backfire though.

How do you fix backfire 1989 dodge van b250?

adjust the timing or use better grade/octane of fuel or both

Why would my 84 305 v8 backfire.?

it's lean

You have no pipe would putting one on make it faster dont care about noise difference?

Yes a pipe would make it go faster and it would be alot queiter than what it is now . It will also help prevent backfire of the engine .

What would make your 1998 Monte Carlo backfire twice and then not start?

Sounds like timing is off,you didn't brake your timing belt did you.

What would make a chevy van turn over but wont start?

There are a few things that would make a Chevy van not start. The first things to check would be the battery, the alternator, and the starter.

What make a1990 corvette backfire through the intake?

A failing cylinder

What will make a Corvette backfire when you start it?

you tell me the year ill tell you why

Would the oxygen sensor or EGR valve make a 1997 Chevy Astro van run rough and backfire?

yes i could make it run rough. not getting the right air fuel mixture will cause a car to run badly.also check the timing to see if it is off.may need to replace timing belt or chain and gears.

Why would exhaust gas come out of your carburetor?

backfire timing off

Why would an arctic cat ATV backfire?

from unburned fuel in the cylinder

Why would a car backfire 1 time then sputter?

A sparkplug misfiring.

Why would a 1999 Plymouth voyager backfire?

timing or a plug not sparking

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