What would win in a fight a hippo or a great white shark?

A similar fight has been simulated by the Discovery Channel with a hippo Vs a bull shark. The outcome of that simulation would be repeated for this match up.

The hippopotamus has the highest levels of testosterone of any animal and is always angry. It is a herbivore with massive self sharpening teeth and a mouth that almost opens to 180 degrees. It also features an incredibly thick hide.

The Great White is a shark. It has sandpaper skin, sharp teeth and... its a shark. In most matches the shark would win, not here though.

The Great White's jaw would not be able to open wide enough to get purchase on any part of the hippo. All attempts on the part of the shark to attack the hippo would just get him angry. One bite from the hippo and the shark is pierced and crushed.

No way a hippo could win over a great white shark a hippo could beat a bull shark but no way a great white shark this is why one no hippo in the world could stay under the water for ever they will die any shark could two the sharks is way faster and smarter three the sharks bite is way stronger then a hippos bite the shark could bite the hippo the hippo will be on the ground it takes more then one hippo bite to take down the great white shark and last but not least the shark has way more teeth then the hippo and alsothe sharks bite is hurts more and more posion and last one the sharks mouth is way bigger then the hippo