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you got to think about the lion will eat the hippo snd the hippo will kill it

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Q: What would win in a fight between hippo or lion?
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Who would win in a fight between a lion and a cobra?

A lion!

Who would win in a fight between a leopard and a lion?


Who would win in a fight a wolf or a hippo?

That is a trick question, if the fight were to be near a lake or forest, the bear would win. If the fight were to take place up in a rocky place, the mountain lion would win. if the fight were to be in a lake, the crocodile would win.

Who would win in a fight between the world's largest dog and a lion?


Who would win a fight between a king lion and an anaconda?


Who would win in a fight between a toothless crocodile and a blind lion?

the biggest animal will Win the fight

Would a warthog win a fight against a hippo?

The hippo of course. We are talking about an animal that can rip large boats to shred. I also doubt a lion could fight in water. The animal is not as slow and stupid as we would like to imagine. Besides, if the lion gets near the hippo's jaws, then he is pretty much finished. Hippos are very heavy, very large, very tough, and very thick as well. Even a pack of lions have no chance with a hippo.

Who will win in a fight between an ox and a hippo?

Most likely the hippo. A hippo is very capable of killing an ox when it can flip over boats and attack humans, while hippos are much more heavier and stronger than oxen. The hippo has a wide, giant mouth that can hold on the ox's head tight and drown it in the water. If the ox tried to gore the hippo with its horns, the hippo will get mad after it got hit by the horns.

Who would win a fight a lion or a mountain lion?

As wolfs and lions don't usually fight, the lion would win

Who would win in a fight between a man and a lion?

A lion seems to be stronger than a man and way more powerful. A man would be killed by a lion in a few seconds.

Can ahipo eat a lion?

No. Hippo's are vegetarians or Herbivores. They feed on grass, fruits and vegetables. They don't hunt or kill any animals for food. Hippo's are known to fight and fend off lions to protect their young but they cant chase or attack a lion.

Can a lion beat a puma in a fight?

lion would kill a puma in a fight forshow