What would you be without physics?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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I would be the same person without physics in my life. I do not regularly use principles of physics in my everyday decision making process. Though physics are important and valuable to many people, I would be the same.

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Q: What would you be without physics?
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What is the importance of physics in mechanics?

Mechanics is a branch of physics so without physics there would be no mechanics!

Are scientist still using or studying isaac newton law?

Newton's Laws are the basis for physics. without those, there would be no physics. without physics, we would be cavemen. there would be no cars, no TV's....

Why is important physics?

Without physics, cars, TV's, and electric lights would not have been invented, we would not know about space and astronomy, we would never know about forces and atoms. Physics is about all that and more, which is why it is important. Without physics, we would not have computers or the internet.

Do you need physics in the business of real estate?

Yes. Without physics, the universe would not exist. Therefore there would be no real estate to sell.

What would the world be like without physics?

Physics is a branch of science devoted to studying patterns in the physical interactions of the observable universe. Without the knowledge we have of physics today, many applications of physics - such as electronics, mechanics, and so on - would not exist. We would live without developed technology or advanced tools; a hammer, for instance, would be within our reach, as well as a slingshot, but a flintlock would be beyond us. Without the laws of physics themselves, nothing would exist but whatever initial state the universe began in - Big Bang theorists believe that this would be a large ball of hydrogen.

How physics affect us?

Physics affects us in a different way. Without physics we would not be on earth instead we all would be thrown into the outer space because of the centrifugal force.

What is its importance of physics?

Physics on the grand scale is the fundamental laws of nature without wihich nothing else could exist. It is also the basic practical science, with engineering being its application. Without physics you would not have even such simple tools as a lever or weighing balance. Without physics you would not be able to read your computer screen or look at a photograph or the scenery, or listen to music. You would not have electricity. Without physics you would not have the computer, the camera or the music... and I don't mean recorded or broadcast but musical instruments themselves. Without physics there be no YOU... nor anyone else... There would be NOTHING else - including chemistry and biology (the latter is mainly chemistry anyway).

Uses of physics to the environment?

Physics governs everything in the environment! Without it, nothing would function. Without physics, atoms and molecules would not exist or be able to interact, which would mean nothing would be able to live or exchange energy (another physics term), which would mean there would be no environment! Speaking in terms of learning physics for environmental purposes, it can be used to calculate heat changes, how a climate will differ from year to year, or simply how light refracts into a rainbow.

How do you drop a pumpkin without it droping?

That would involve defying the laws of physics, and that would be impossible.

What sports involve physics?

Any sport involves physics. Without friction, for example, you would not be able to start (or stop) moving.

What is the importance of differentiation and integration in real life?

There would be no modern technology without it. There would be no physics beyond the basic "high school" level. Physics leads to technology.

What would be do without physics?

We would learn more about nature and the physical universe, and probably think of another name.