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a zink isotope.

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Q: What would you call a germanium atom if you remove two protons?
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What do you call a germanium atom if you remove two protons?

Germanium has thirty two protons. If two were removed, the atom would have thirty protons, making it Zinc.

What do you call a germanium atom if you remove 2 protons?

a zink isotope

If you remove two protons from a germanium atom what do you call it?

Zinc, With the two Protons removed the new atomic weight is zinc

How many protons are in one atom of germanium?


How many electrons are in an atom that has 32 protons?

32 electrons, an atom has the same amount of electrons as protons.

What do you call a germanium atom with 2 less protons?

zinc If you change the number of protons, you change the element.

How many protons are in germainium?

Germanium always contains 32 protons, whether it is neutral or not.

If an atom of germanium has a mass number of 70 and an atomic number of 32 how many neutrons are in the nucleus?

41 apex

How many neutrons in a single atom of germanium -74?

Germanium-72 has 32 protons and 40 neutrons. In nuclear physics nomenclature, the number represents the total number of protons and neutrons. Since all germanium isotopes have 32 protons, the remaining value after subtracting 32 is the number of neutrons (ex. 72-32 = 40).

Atom containing 10 protons would be what atom?

Neon atoms have 10 protons.

Is an atom with 78 protons in its nucleus a palladium atom?

No. It would be platinum if it has 78 protons.

Is an atom a oxygen atom or carbon atom?

That would depend on how many protons exist in the nucleus of the atom. An atom with 6 protons is a carbon atom; 7 protons is nitrogen, and 8 = oxygen.