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Answer:- Management and organizational behavior is concerned with the formulation of corporate strategic policy. Operations Management is concerned with the operations strategy, which specifies how the firm will employ its production capabilities to support its corporate strategy

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Q: What would you distinguish operation management from management and organizational behavior as thought at your university?
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What is the difference between operations research and operations management?

Operation research is tool/technique for solving the problems such as economics, queuing theory, mathematical optimization, simulation and stochastic models etc. Operation management is concerns management of production (transformation) system, system design, operation, improvement, systematic analysis of organizational process.

Distinguish between production and operation management?

Production management is an organized function within a business that deals with planning, forecasting and production or marketing of a product at all stages of its lifestyle. Operation management is concerned with overseeing, designing and controlling production and business operations during the production of goods or services.

Is logistic management and operation management are same?

Is logistic management and operation management are same?

What is difference between MSc in operation management and MBA in operation management?

The difference between MSc in operation management and MBA in operation management is that MSc in operation management leads to a general manager while the latter leads to an operations manager.

What is the difference between MSc in operation management and MBA in operation management?

Msc in Operation Management would be a specialized course in operations whereas an MBA in Operation Management is more of a general management course where you can take a specialization.

Difference between operation management and production management with examples?

the difference between production management and operation management?

How your role fits into your organisation structure and contributes to its operation?

Is very important to any organizational structure. The leadership role also contributes greatly to the operation of the organizational structure.

What are the different functions of production and operation management POM within the business organization?

production and operation management function

What are the major approaches to operation management?


Linen management system and its operations?

linen management system and its operation

Evolution of production and operation management?


What is the purpose for an organizational structure in a health care facility?

Organizational structure indicated areas of resposiblity and lead to the most efficient operation of the facility. (Provide better service)