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Well, most moths are quite fond of sugar water. No one quite knows why they prefer this particular mixture, but they sure do chow down on it. What you do, is you mix together water (doesn't matter if it is warm or cold...just don't make it freezing or piping hot) with A LOT of sugar. Then, you put a cotton ball into the mixture and let it soak it up. The reason you want to put it into a cotton ball is because if you just put it in a bowl, the moth may drown in its food. Kind of squeeze out some excess water, not a lot, just so the moth can't drown in it, then you're set to go.

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Q: What would you feed any moth?
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What is a yucca moth?

A yucca moth is a moth whose larvae feed on the yucca plant.

Does umber moth young feed on oak leaves?

Umber moth caterpillars will feed on oak leaves. They also feed on other trees such as Fir, Maple, Birch, Chestnut, and, Hazel.

What is a bee moth?

A bee moth is another term for a wax moth, a brown pyralid moth, Latin name Galleria mellonella, the larvae of which feed on the honeycombs of beehives.

What does a painted apple moth caterpillar look like?

This is what a painted apple moth caterpillar looks like and if you could send feed back i would be very happy

What does an emperor moth caterpillar eat?

The emperor moth caterpillar eats from plants while in the caterpillar stage. When it turns into the moth it will feed off of Heather and blackthorn.

Are moth invertebrates or vertebrates?

A vertebrate has a backbone. Moths do not have any bones- if they did, there would be all these little moth skeletons lying around.

Do eucalyptus trees feed on silk moth?

No. And nor do silk moths feed on the eucalyptus tree.

What do you do if your moth doesn't have any antenae?

i really don't know i wish someone would because my moth doesn't have antenaes and I'm worried

My pet moth won't eat what do I do?

"Moth" is probably 100% full. Wait until it's at 91% or lower, then you can feed them.

Is a moth a primary consumer or decomposer?

In most cases (not all eg the clothes moth) the moth's caterpillar is a primary consumer. Moths themselves do not always feed and when they do it is on nectar so they are primary consumers.

What do you feed silkworm moths?

you do not feed them anything. they do not have mouths. the sun will just give what the moth needs to live. Dont worry if they die in 1 week, their moth life cycle ( not slikworm) is only that long. :)

What do zodiac moths eat?

The zodiac moth is an attractive moth that resembles a butterfly. They feed mainly on Omphalea Queenslandiae and dead pupa.

Why would a wasp attack and kill a moth?

Wasps, and many other stinging bees, are omnivorous. They kill the moths to eat them and/or feed them to young. I watched one attack a moth the other day, ripped its wings off while stinging the body.

What did the moth fairy do to the queen?

If this is a joke the answer is if the moth fairy is a moth the moth would follow the light queen.

Are there any poisonous moths?

Burnet moths are an example of a poisonous moth, these moths contain hydrogen cyanide. Caterpillars are often poisonous due to the vegetation that they feed off of.

What does a polyphemus moth eat?

There are several different plants that a Polyphemus moth will feed on. Some of these plants include Pyrus, Sassafras, Citrus, and Ulmus Americana.

Is emperor moth harmful or helpful?

The Emperor gum moth can not feed so it will not be harmful if it's mouth parts are to weak to even consume food!

What are moth balls?

They are used to protect clothes in storage from moth species that feed on certain fabrics. They look like cotton balls and smell like gasoline.

What do you feed an elephant hawk moth larvae?

You know that most moths are usually not a house pet so we are going to do some process of elimination So a moth is usually on the outside of your house so I say that a moth is going to feed on plants not plants a mostly flowers like bees. Make sure that your giving them fresh flowers and they will live to be the moth you have always wished for.... Stay in school and don't give up

What is the white ermine moth?

The white ermine moth is a moth of the arctiidae family. Some have wings that are plain white and others have white wings with black spots. The are very common in the UK and feed on both garden and wild plants.

What does chrysiridia moth feed on?

As a larvae, the moth is very specific about what it eats. In general, this includes ankaranensis, palmata, occidentalis, and oppositifolia species of plants. As an adult, it feeds on nectar from a variety of plants. The moth is only seen in Madagascar.

Is the bogong moth a vertebrate?

The bogong moth is, well, a moth. A moth is an insect, and insects do not have backbones. And the term "vertebrate" refers to an animal with a backbone. No moth is a vertebrate, nor is any other insect.

What do tiger moth caterpillars eat?

Most species feed on plantains and dandelion leaves.

Does a tear moth mate?

Just like any other moth they mate in the same way.

How do I feed my blind goldfish?

You feed it in exactly the same way you would feed any other fish. Sprinkle food on the surface of the tank. If the fish can not feed itself then it is better to be euthanased.