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Get out of debt and get married to my fiance. After that move abroad to Manhattan, New York or Anywhere in Canada and live a long happy life. What would you like to do?
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What would he do if he likes you?

What a guy will do if he likes you will depend on the person andhis age. Some things a guy will do if he likes you is smile at you,talk to you, and ask you out on a date.

Why would someone lie about liking you?

\nbecause they are afraid of rejection... they also might be afraid of what there friends might think... dont worry... if he really does like you then everything will work out

Why you would like to work for us?

When you asked why you would like to work for a certain company,this is a question that wants you to market yourself. You need toprove your worth to the company by stating how you intend to makethe company better.

If you did not have bones what would you be like?

If you did not have bones you would be a giand ooze of bodily fluids with skin as your only protection but sadly you would die from hitting your heart and damaging other important organs

Would do vets like about there job?

they like helping animals . they like earning money . they like saving animals lives and i think thats about it

I would like to create a wedsite?

Go to freewebs.com it can help you create your site using a wizard you can add pictures, videos, a blog, and you can talk to other people who have made a site you can all try zoomshare.com

What would it be like to be a vet?

yes, because i love helping sick animals live and get well and i also love animals. I'm only 8 years old and I'm studying animals right know so that when i grow up i would know a lot about animals and my tests will be easy if i study now. i really want to be a vet when i grow up! PS. my favorite ani ( Full Answer )

What would it be like without airplanes?

\nWell, we can't say that life would be impossible because there used to be no airplanes. However, life without airplanes would be very hard. There are a lot of busy people in the world these days that are constantly traveling long distances. There are also a lot of ordered goods that are needed imm ( Full Answer )

What would a werewolf look like?

A werewolf would look like a person with hair all over (and when i say all over, I mean all over) them.

What elements would likely be like chlorine?

for the most part, the elements in the same periodic family as chlorine would act the closest to chlorine. This elements include, fluorine, bromine, & iodine.

What would you like?

I would like some donuts and cheese and coffee! How about you, buddy ol champ? How about some cheese for my 'real friend'!!!!!! Thank you, Nathan, who inspired this little article! ;) I like donuts! Did someone say donuts?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ~crazy cookie horse

If you like paisano what else would you like?

Mario Brothers\nSuper Mario Brothers\nThe Leaning Tower of Pisa\noregano\nThe Godfather trilogy\nGodfather's Pizza\nGuglielmo Marconi\nAntonio Meucci\nbocce ball\nFerrari\nLamborghini\nChianti\nPompeii\nolives\ngnocchi\nLeonardo Fibonacci\nLeonardo da Vinci\nMichelangelo\ncapers\ntutto il mondo

What would like be like if you had no feelings?

well if u had no feelings then that means u have no freinds. in that case u have a family that hates u, so pretty much failing at this thing called LIFE. so i would kill myself. sry If you had no feelings, it would be possible to have friends, even a wife and kids, but you wouldn't be able to tru ( Full Answer )

Who would like to talk to a girl like you?

are you talking about you or me, cuz if it's you, don't put yourself down. if it's me, don't even think of putting me down. XD no-one has the right to judge you because no-one knows what it's like to be you, to live your life. you deal with it in the way that you want to, but if some-one says this t ( Full Answer )

What would be like to be like to be a peacock?

You would be sad because you would be a bird that cannot fly! But you could get out of school and work and other stuff like that. You would still have a family, a bird family, but a family all the same. So, the answer is basically up to you

How do you say would you like a hug?

you could well when i had a boy friend he would never hug me so i had to tell my friends to tell him to hug me but idk u might not want to do that but without getting in a awkward situation dont say can i hug you. that sounds cheesy

What would life be like if you were a zebra?

It would be tough because of all the predator's you would have, lions, tigers, cheetahs & etc. The best place to be when a predator strikes, is in the middle of the group. You would feed off of shrubs, twigs, & leave because zebras are gazers. But you would also share your home with Osages and giraf ( Full Answer )

Why would you like to work in fashion?

Good Manners. They are always in fashion no matter what your advisors may tell you. When somebody gives you an appointment, to ALWAYS send a written note expressing your appreciation.If somebody takes the time to answer an E-mail, as I often have, be sure to thank them, and in the mail refer to you ( Full Answer )

How would you know if this guy likes you?

if a guy likes you he will talk to you a lot he will flirt with you... you may not notice it at first but if you listen u may be able 2 tell. If you like the guy back then it should be fine but if you dont then you should tell him... but only if you are sure he likes you!!!! im a teenager and i like ( Full Answer )

Who would romeo like to see?

It changes from time to time. In act 1 he wants to see Rosaline. InAct 2 he wants to see Juliet then later, Friar Lawrence. In Act 5he wants to see an apothecary, and then Juliet again even though hethinks she's dead.

Why would you like soccer?

Because soccer is the best sport in the world. Also because it is not as hard as it seems it is really fun and easy. Trust me, I am in soccer and i score three goals every game.

What would it be like to live in a desert?

In a desert it would be really hard because the heat and all the water you take would also take away your strength . The heat is so powerful it could make your whole body bunt and red.

What would it be like without I'Pods?

Well iPods haven't been around for that long so many people, myself included, know what it's like to live without them. I just began using an MP3 player this past year. At any rate, listening to music, watching episodes of TV shows or music videos, etc. would be a bit more inconvenient because inste ( Full Answer )

Would you like to live with The Simpsons?

I would love to live with the Simpsons because I would love to have a father like Homer and I would love Bart and Lisa to be my siblings.

What would it be like to visit the Antarctic?

to visit the Antarctic it would be very cold and freezing it would obviously have to wrap up really warm with padded coats and gloves and hats and scarves if your exploring in Antarctica you need to wear snow boots or ice boots. This way you shall not get stuck in the deep snow or ice.

Why would a boy be confused of who he likes?

A boy would be confused of who he likes because he might have high expectations and a few girls might meet those expectations.Same thing with low expectations.

What would it be like to live on a island?

it would be different for all different kinds of people it depends on what kind of person you are for instance let's say hawaii. these are all good traits you should have that fits living in hawaii 1. like the water; like to surf 2.want a sense of change from where you live now. 3.have enou ( Full Answer )

Why would my Ex ask me who I like?

Some guys did that to me and it turned out they likes me they just wanted to know if i liked them back, its a possibility

Who would like to see Poseidon?

Me. well, Posideon.... he is kind of my father. cause when i went to the pool, then i saw an image of this one dude. it was creepy. then, i went to diving class and i could breath for five minutes!!

What would the world be like with no technology?

The world would be the same, except many new features such as the internet, texting, and video games wouldn't be available. If people couldn't communicate with each other quickly, many wars and battles could not be prevented. Also, people would not be able to travel as to other areas of the world wi ( Full Answer )

What would you do if you liked a friend who has a girlfriend?

If your friend likes their girlfriend and their relationship is good, you should let it go. It's never a good idea to get involved in other people's relationships. And there are plenty of good, unattached people out there. If the relationship is bad, you should just wait. They will most likely brea ( Full Answer )

Why would he buy her flowers if he likes you?

So ask already ! Birthday, maybe. Loss of a family member ? Maybe she seemed depressed , or a token of appreciation for a favor. Don't let this idle speculation ruin your relationship.

What would you do if you like a girl an she doesn't like me?

First of all, You don't just go up to her and tell her that you love her, and that you want to be with her. Don't ask her out, because if you do, you clearly know that she will reject you because you know that she doesn't like you. So what you do is that you get closer to her, and get to know her mo ( Full Answer )

Would you like to be like Barack Obama why or why not?

This is going to inspire partisan answers, but let's look at itobjectively. The question could be asking you to assess BarackObama's personality, or to assess his policies. In the case of hispersonality, he has become like a celebrity for many people-- andthat is NOT unusual. Many presidents, both R ( Full Answer )