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She could easily be spotted by looking out of a window or making to much noise. She couldn't go out to get food so she has to hide.

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If living in hiding like Anne Frank, I would miss the freedom to move about and interact with others without fear. I would also miss the simple joys of being outside in nature and experiencing various activities and events. Additionally, I would miss the opportunity to pursue my education and personal interests fully.

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I would have missed my all my playing and and would be eating spoiled meals like anne frank>

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Q: What would you miss most if you had had to live in hiding like anne?
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What was it like to live like Anne Frank did when she was in hiding I have a project for Lit. class were we have to keep a journal like we where from that time. Any ideas?

The best way to find out what Anne Frank went through would be to read her diary. To write your response, consider your daily life, and what changes you would have to make to it if you were in her position.

What happened in 1940 that changed the live of Anne Franks family?

Anne franks family went in to hiding

What was the predictions of Anne Frank?

Anne Frank did not make any specific predictions. She wrote in her diary about her experiences hiding from the Nazis during World War II and her hopes for the future. Tragically, Anne Frank died in a concentration camp before the end of the war.

Where did Anne Frank live while in hiding?

'''A work place in Germany and behind a bookcase there was a attic she hid in there!!'''

Did Anne Frank and her sister fight before they went into hiding?

Yes anne frank was a brilliant Jew and deserved to live longer than what she did (sniff, Sniff)

What rooms did Anne Frank normally live in?

Anne Frank and her family lived in a hiding place located in the annex of her father's business in Amsterdam during World War II. The hiding place consisted of several rooms, including a shared living room, kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping quarters for all residents. Anne spent most of her time in her own bedroom within the annex.

What education did Anne Frank receive?

Anne Frank attended the Sixth Montessori School in Amsterdam until she had to go into hiding during World War II. While in hiding, Anne continued her education through reading and studying various subjects with the help of her father and other members of the group.

What is the external conflict in the diary of Anne Frank?

The conflict is that Anne and her family, along with some other Jews, have to live in hiding from the horror of the holocaust. Living in hiding can cause problems, and Anne has many struggles that come from living in such close quarters with out much food or contact without the outside world.

What has turned Anne's whole world upside down in July 8 1942 report?

On July 8, 1942, Anne Frank and her family went into hiding to escape Nazi persecution. This decision to go into hiding turned Anne's whole world upside down as they had to leave their home and live in secrecy to avoid being discovered. This marked the beginning of their two-year hiding period in the secret annex.

Who was Peter van Daan to Anne Frank?

Peter van Daan was a Jewish boy who shared a secret annex with Anne Frank and her family during the Holocaust. He was a close friend of Anne and they shared many personal experiences and thoughts while in hiding.

What would cause a family to live in hiding for several years?


How did Anne Frank accompolish her goals?

She became famous and well known and remembered. Girls relate to her and feel bad for her. She did have more time to live by being in hiding and that was an accomplishment since she would have been found and taken away and would have died faster.