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The song was first released in 1996 on Ewing's Christmas album, Following Yonder Star.

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Q: What year Christmas Carol by Skip Ewing came out?
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Where did Martha come back from for Christmas in A Christmas Carol?

She came from a Millinor's shop far away.

Why did the second spirit come in A Christmas Carol?

The second spirit came to show Scrooge Christmas present.

What monarch was in reign at the time of A Christmas Carol?

It was Queen Victoria who came to the throne in 1837

What Christmas carol refers to the angels song as the glorious song of old?

'It came upon a Midnight Clear"

What songs are Christmas carols?

Christmas carols are songs sung at Christmas that you hear in churches. Away in a Manger is a carol. It came Upon a Midnight Clear, and Silent Night would also be Christmas carols.

What is the best well known carol in Germany?

Stille Nacht is the most popular Christmas carol written in German. It came from Austria. O Tannenbaum is probably the second most popular.

What Christmas song has the initial t b h c?

The Christmas song with the initials DHFC is "Driving Home for Christmas", recorded by Chris Rea and released in 1986.

Who was the first spirit that came for Scrooge 'A Christmas Carol'?

the 1st ghost to visit scrooge in a Christmas charol is Jacob Marley . Marley was scrooges business partner before he passed away...

'Myrrh is mine it's bitter perfume breathes of life' comes from which Christmas carol?

these lyrics came from the famous carol "We Three Kings Of Orient Are". The song has to do with the three kings who came to Jesus and gave him gifts. the three gifts were gold, frankencinse(?), and myrrh.

Who was the second ghost to appear to Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

The third ghost that came to visit Ebenezer Scrooge in a Christmas Carol was the Ghost of Christmas Present, if you include Marley's ghost, but if you do not include Marley, then the third (and therefore last) ghost was that of the Christmas Yet to Come, a spectral ghost whose most terrifying feature was that of his muted voice.

Why did Patrick Ewing come to America?

Patrick Ewing came to America at the age of eleven. His parents emigrated from Jamaica when he was seven. They came to America for better financial and educational opportunities.

Which Christmas carol includes the lyricsall seated on the ground the angel of the lord came down and glory shone around?

While shepherds watched