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What year did Fannie Mae start?

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What is the definition of fannie Mae sam vendor?

A Fannie Mae SAM vendor is a company that has been approved by Fannie Mae to perform work for them.

Who is president of fannie Mae foundation?

The Fannie Mae Foundation no longer exists.

How does Sallie Mae differ from Fannie Mae?

Sallie Mae is in the business of student loans while Fannie Mae is in the business of home loans.

When was Fannie Mae - song - created?

Fannie Mae - song - was created in 1959.

What is the best performing mutual fund in the past ten years?

The worst listed has to be Fannie Mae Fannie Mae No. 25: Fannie Mae Current Stock Quote: FNM Price on 6/30/98: $60.75 Price on 6/30/08: $19.5110-Year Return: -68%

How do you pronounce Fannie Mae?

The Mae is like May, the month.

What is the ticker symbol for Fannie Mae?

The ticker symbol for Fannie Mae is FNM and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

What is the origin of Mae in Fannie Mae and Sallie Mae?

Mae is a creative pronunciation for Mortage Association

What is the origin of fannie in Fannie Mae?

The term "Fannie Mae" comes from the abbreviation for the true name of Fannie Mae--the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA). FNMA is a government-sponsored entity. For more, see

How do you get fannie Mae to show your mortgage?

Even if Fannie Mae is guaranteeing your mortgage, it is most likely that the company servicing your account (the ones you send payments to) is the place for you to contact to see your mortgage information. Fannie Mae is in a sense an investment house.

Is Fannie Mae a reliable website?

Fannie Mae's website is reliable, but please make sure that you are actually at the Fannie Mae website and not a phishing website. Look for the Fannie Mae logo at the left of the address bar in your browser, and make sure the name is spelled correctly in the URL (website address).

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were not the reason behind the economic crisis.?

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were not the reason behind the economic crisis.

What type of website is Fannie Mae?

Fannie Mae is a website that explains all the aspects of helping low income and moderate families build a home that they can rely on for the rest of their lives. God bless Fannie Mae and all the less fortunate in need.

What is the best brand of fannie Mae?

Fannie Mae is a government sponsored program to help enable people to obtain mortgages to purchase a home. Fannie Mae does not use one single brand but helps homeowners to find the best rates available.

Who are the external auditor of fannie Mae?

Kpmg llp

Will fannie Mae stock recover?

i think so

who own / finance Litton loan. Is it Fannie May or Freddie Mac?

Fannie Mae owns Litton Loan

Will fannie Mae and Freddie mac stock come back?


Who was president of the US when fannie Mae was started?


Largest purchaser of loans in secondary market?

fannie mae

Does fannie Mae offer good information?

Fannie Mae is informative. The information is plentiful and interactive. Resources seem endless, along with the need to help after learning about so many foreclosures.

Which president was in office when fannie Mae and Freddie mac mortgage comp first started?

fannie mae= 1938- Democratic President Roosevelt freddie mac= 1970- Republican President Nixon

If you have a fannie Mae Mortgage with PMI can you take advantage of a refinance or modification to your mortgage through Obama's new relief bill?

Yes all Fannie Mae loans with enough persisitance can be modified.

Where can one find current Fannie Mae mortgage rates?

One can find the current Fannie Mae mortgage rates online at a website known as BankRate. This will break down the average rate in the periods of one week ago, one month ago and one year ago.

How many years out of foreclosure to qualify for a fannie Mae loan?


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