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Q: What year did Henry Ford run for senate?
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What happens if a senator loses the presidential election?

Many US Senators have run for President without resigning their Senate seats. Those who have often run in their state's next US Senate election.

How many times may a person run for office in the Senate?

There is no limit.

Is a representatives elected a term of 2 years?

Members of the House of Representatives are elected every 2 years. They run elections during the presidential race and midway through his presidency. Senators are elected for 6 years and 1/3 of senators run campaigns every 2 years

Why is the senate split into three different classes?

Members of the U.S. Senate are elected for a term of six years. Every 2 years, one third of the Senate comes up for reelection. Thus, the Senate is informally divided into three groups, based upon when each Senator was elected. Every Member of the House of Representatives is elected for a two year term. All of the Representatives must run to be reelected each election cycle. The reasoning for this is that each member of the House of Representatives represents a smaller population and if there is dissatisfaction of the Representative's performance then it is easier to replace that person. The Senate counterbalances that by being harder to create sweeping change since only 33 of the 100 members are up for election during each election cycle.

How many years must a person be a citizen to run for congress?

Per the U. S. Constitution, Article I Section 2, Clause 2: No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.

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What political office did Henry ford run for in 1918?

United States Senate

When did Henry Ford II run Ford?

From 1945 until 1979

How fast can Henry Ford's the Quadricycle run?

20 mph

John Quincy has been a citizen of US for 8 years he is 27 if john decides to run for congress what are his options?

He can't run for the House or the Senate for at least one more year. ^ WRONG!!!!! the above answer is totally wrong! the correct answer is C..... he can run for the house but not the senate..

Was the first model t gas powered?

yes the first model t did run on gas but Henry Ford also built it to run on alcohol(Ethanol)

Why did Henry ford build the willow run bomber plant?

beacause hes stupid enogh to do that u stupid kid

What is the structure of the senate?

100 members (2 per state) representatives have a 6 year term and can run and be reelected for life

When was the original IPO of ford motor company?

1956, by Henry Ford II, though his father never wanted the company to go public and devest the family of the power to run the company.

What is the structure of the US senate?

100 members (2 per state) representatives have a 6 year term and can run and be reelected for life

What is a sentence with the wrod senate in it?

Someday I would like to run for state senate.

Does the Vice President run the Senate or the House?

The vice president does not "run" the senate. However he is the president of the senate and can vote, if the senate vote is tied. In a way the senate majority leader can control the senate in that all bills can only reach the floor to be debated and voted on if he or she says so. Harry Reid, a democrat, now "controls" the senate

What power does the Vice President have over Senate?

The Vice President's power over the senate is only to break a tie and to run the senate meeting.