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Depending on who the writer is, Ithaca started making doubles sometime between 1880-1883. They had serial numbers from the very beginning. There were several models, Baker, Crass, Lewis, Minier and Flues, usually named after the individual that made a significant improvement.

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Q: What year did Ithaca start making side by side shotguns?
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When did they stop making side by side shotguns?

Side-by-side shotguns are still manufactured.

Ithaca ShotGun 10 gauge serial no 3650 How Old is it?

If this is an old side by side it would be a Baker model made in 1886. Serial numbers of Ithaca shotguns for that year were 2448 - 4101.

How many US gun makers made a side by side break over 410?

Shotguns break open, not over. Winchester, Stevens, Ithaca have made 410s

What is an Ithaca Flues double barrel shotgun?

Ithaca Gun Company of Ithaca, New York was the manufacturer. "Flues" refers to the designer. These double barrel, two-trigger, side-by-side shotguns were made from 1908 - 1926. Check out for a list of serial numbers by year of manufacture.

What is sxs in shotguns?

It stands for Side by Side in double barreled shotguns.

Where can you purchase a 20 gauge Ithaca side by side shotgun?

Not currently produced. Start with your local gun shop.

What is the age of Ithaca side by side serial138286?

You have an Ithaca sxs Miner model made 1907.

When did Ithaca manufacture the 12 gauge side by side hammerless gun for Wells Fargo Coach?

I don't know the answer, but I know where you can find it. Check your library for "The Ithaca Gun Company - From the Beginning" by Walter Snyder. There's a list of serial numbers that are verified as being Ithaca shotguns owned and used by Wells Fargo Company. Since thousands of cheap shotguns have had fake WF&Co marks added, about the only one's that will bring a premium from advanced collectors (of firearms or Wels Fargo memorabilia) are the ones listed there.

What year is your Ithaca side by side 12 gauge serial 188650?

The Ithaca side by side 12 gauge serial 188650 was made in 1927.

Where can you find information about an Ithaca side by side with serial number 15153D4?

Look in "The Ithaca Gun Company - From the Beginning"

What is the age of your Ithaca 16 gauge side-by-side serial 310xxx?

You have an Ithaca sxs Flues model made in 1919.

What is the age of a 16 gauge Ithaca hammerless side by side serial 434386?

It is an Ithaca model NID made in 1926

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