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What year did Muhammad journey to the Fertile Crescent?


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Prophet Muhammad did NOT journey to the fertile crescent.

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It comprises river valleys where flooding brings down soil each year, refreshes the fertility of the soil, and provides abundant water for crops. The fertile area swings around in a crescent shape.

The yearly flooding of the Nile put new nutrients there every year.

The Fertile Crescent can be found in modern day Iraq in the river-valley of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. It is called this because of the shape of the river-valley along with the fact that the rivers overflow each year and bring nutrient rich soil to the shores.

It was the 13th year of preaching of Hazrat MUhammad (SAW). After the journey of Taif, he was extremely dejected and sorowful. Allah Almighty blessed him with heavenly journey in 621Ad wih this Heavenly Journey known as Ma'iraaj.

Because randomly during the year the Tigris or Euphrates river flooded leaving silt for good soil.

The Hijrah Journey of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina took place in 622 CE.

Muhammad was born year 570 in Mecca. Muhammad died 632. Approximately 570 A.D. Muhammad was born in the year 570 A.D.

Muhammad was born year 570 in Mecca. Muhammad died 632.

The year that Bartholomew Dias' journey was 1488.

Muhammad SAW was born in 571 in makkah

Hazrat Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) death was in year 632 AD.

Journey to the center to the earth was made in the year 2008.

The Prophet Muhammad never went to Australia.

AnswerMesopotamia was part of what is known as the "fertile crescent". Southern Mesopotamia offerred good soils, moderate rainfall and two major river systems that provided a reliable, year-long water supply.

Quran revelation by God to prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the angel Jibril (or Gabriel) started in year 610 through year 632 AD (year of prophet Muhammad death).

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June 8th 632The prophet Muhammad died in the year 632 AD on June 8th. Muhammad (PBUH) died on the date, 631 A.D.

Quran was not given as a whole to prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by God through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril) was started on year 610 AD and continued until year 632 Ad (year of prophet Muhammad PBUH death).

Muhammad Ali started boxing in 1954.

Yes, Prophet Muhammad married in year 595 AD when he was 25 years old.

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Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ascended to Heaven in year 632 AD. He was born in year 571 AD.

Hazrat Muhammad pbuh had a total of 13 wives between the year 619 and the year 632.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was in year 570 AD

Muhammad returned to Mecca in 622 AD. Muhammad is said to be the last prophet of God in the Islamic religions.

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