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how or why did New Jersy began?

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Q: What year did New Jersey begin using area codes?
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What year did Texas begin using area codes?

The US and Canada began using area codes in 1947.

When did the US begin using area codes in San Francisco CA?

The US and Canada began using area codes in 1947.

When did the phone company begin using area codes?

In the US and Canada, in 1947.

What is the ZIP code for an 856 area code?

Area code 856 is in southern New Jersey, including Camden and Vineland. ZIP Codes in that area generally begin with 08, but there is no easy correlation of ZIP Codes to area codes.

What are the 3 area codes for New Jersey?

New Jersey has had more than 3 area codes since 1997.The current area codes for New Jersey are:201 & 551 : Hackensack, Jersey City609 : Trenton, Atlantic City732 & 848 : New Brunswick, most of the Jersey Shore856 : Camden, Vineland908 : Elizabeth973 & 862 : Newark, MorristownWhere two area codes are shown with an ampersand, it's an overlay area, with both codes serving the same geographic area.

When did area codes begin?

Area codes were introduced in most of the US and Canada in 1947. Area codes were introduced in the UK in 1958.

Area code 155?

No area codes begin with the number "1".

When did area codes for telephones begin in the us?


Is here an area code 021 in Mexico?

Area codes in Mexico do not begin with zero.

Is there area code 125 in USa?

No, area codes in the United States cannot begin with '1'.

Where is Area Code 155?

In North America (USA, Canada, etc.), there is no area code +1 155. Area codes can never begin with 0 or 1. In the UK, there are area codes that begin with +44 155, but you need one more digit.

What is the area code of Haworth New Jersey?

Haworth, NJ, is in area codes +1 201 and +1 551.

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