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In 1836 and again in 1841.

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Q: What year did Sam Houston become President of Texas?
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What year did Sam Houston become the President of Texas?

It was in 1836.

Who was elected as the first President of Texas?

I suspect you mean 1836, not 1863, since the last President of Texas left office in February of 1846, after Texas became a state of the United States. David G. Burnet was elected Interim President in 1836 by the convention that assembled to issue Texas' Declaration of Independence from Mexico. Later that year Sam Houston was elected by popular vote to be the first President of Texas. He was also the third President of Texas (the Texas Constitution did not have term limits, but it did not allow anyone to serve consecutive, or back to back, terms).

What year did the university of Houston open in Houston Texas?

august of 1836

Debt in Texas history?

After the many wars that Texas fought to gain their independence from Mexico they had alot of dept. Sam Houston was the first president of the Republic of Texas. He helped Texas get out of some of the dept but not all of it. Since each president could only have 2 years per term Sam Houston could not be elected again. The second president of Texas was M. B. Lamar, he however put Texas in more dept than what is was after Sam Houston's first term. After M. B. Lamar's 2 year term Sam Houston became the president of the Republic of Texas. Again Sam Houston helped Texas out of dept but not completely. The 4th term president of the Republic of Texas was Anson Jones. Jones was not president long before Texas became the 28th state of the Unites States. The United States helped Texas out of dept. When Texas wanted to be annexed be the United States some Americans refused because they didn't want to pay the dept that Texas was in. At some point Texas was annexed by the United States, and then became dept free.

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What year did Sam Houston move to Texas?

In 1832.

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