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Q: What year did education go to grade 12?
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What year to you have to be born to go to 7th grade?

When you enter 7th grade, you should be 12 years old. (That is without holding back or bumping up.) You should turn 13 during your 7th grade year, or the summer following seventh grade.

What year did jiroemon kimura go to fifth grade?

what year did the oldest person in the world go to 5th grade

Can you give some info on Australian education?

Education in Australia is compulsory up to Year 9 (15-16years old). Primary Education - Prep (5 yrs old) - Grade 6 (11 yrs old) Secondary Education - Year 7 (12 yrs old) - Year 12 (17-18 yrs old) After completing Year 12 you can attend university (depending on your scores, and what future career you want). There are also TAFE and other courses which you can take (most of which require school up to Year 10, some require Year 12). Most undergraduate degrees are 3 years, more for some professional degrees (such as Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery), and usually 4-5 years for a double degree. You can then go on to do Honours, Masters, PhD, etc. - very similar to other countries.

What grade are you to be in when your 4 years old?

In the US, 4 year olds don't go to "real" school yet. They may go to preschool if their parents choose to send them. Kindergarten is the first year of compulsory education, and children start at age 5.

You and the boy you like are both 12 your in the 7th grade and he is in the 6th grade is this okay to go out with him?


Do you have to go to grade 12 to go to a police acdemy?

you need to be 18 to join

Can you skip 12th grade and go to college will you have high school degree?

yes but you will have to pay and if you actually go to 12 grade you can get a scholership

How old are you when you go to 6 th grade?

11 TO 12

How much continuing education do teacher have to go to for teaching first grade?

After receiving a degree your friend will not have to do much more education. Only if she is interested in higher education or administration.

Whatorder does senoir and sophmoer go in?

The order is Freshman - 9th grade or first year of college Sophomore - 10th grade or second year of college Junior - 11th grade or third year of college Senior - 12th grade or fourth/last year of college

How old are you in secondary school?

I go to school in the south east of England, normally you start at age 11/12 (year 7) and go up to age 16/17 (year 11) but it depends in different schools

Is the education system in England similar to Canada's education system?

Hi so im Moving to Canada and i need to know how the education system work there im currently in Ireland. In Ireland we have junior Certificate thats in 10th grade and we Have Leaving Certificate thats in grade 12so grade 9-10 is when you prepare for Junior cert and you sit the Junior cert in the End of Grade 10 and if the same with grade 11-12. So if you miss grade 9 and are going into grade 10 then they dont allow you to go into grade 10 as you have missed most of the course so is that the same in Canada or what ..?