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The slim PS3 was released September 2009 with the 120GB model later came the 250 GB model in November 2009. It was not until August 2010 that the 160 GB model was released with the 320 GB in September 2010. Both have had second model releases the 120 GB/ 250 GB in May 2010 and the 160 GB /320 GB in August 2011

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Q: What year did the PS3 120 gbt and the PS3 160 gbt come out?
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How much will you get for a 180GB PS3 at Gamestop?

PS3 does not come in a 180 GB model only 120 160 250 and 320 GB

How much does a 120 GB PS3 cost?

The 120 GB PS3 has been replaced by the 320 GB and 160 GB PS3 models. The 120 GB Model PS3 sold in the USA for the same $299.99 that the 160 GB models are selling for. On December 12 2010 was offering a $75 credit toward other purchases if you purchase the 160 GB PS3 for $299.99 Now in August 2012 the PS3 160 GB sells for $249.99 and the 320 GB is offered in a bundle with Uncharted 3 or MW3 for $299.99

Were can you get a 200 PS3?

PS3 comes in 160 GB and the 320GB will be released on Sept 17 2010. The 120 GB model and the 250 GB model may still be available for purchase. There is no 200 GB PS3

How much dose the 160 GB PS3 cost?

A 160 GB PS3 cost

What is cheaper the Xbox 360 elite or ps3?

The elite with only 120 GB is cheaper though some sources than the PS3 160 GB and 320 GB models but the PS3 is offering some bonuses and the 120 GB Xbox 360 elite model is not the new Xbox 250 GB selling for 299.99

How many gigabites does PS3 have?

The newest released PS3s have 320 GB and 160 GB replacing the 120 GB and 250 GB slim models

What is the lowest memory in the ps3 slim?

The first PS3 slim model had 120 GB memory. The slim also has 160, 250 & 320 GB models. Only the 160GB and 250GB models are still in production

What is the defferance PS3 250 and 120 PS3?

the ps3 250 has a bigger memory space, which means you can save more data than you can on the ps3 120.

Have they stopped making 80gb ps3's?

Yes the 80 GB and the 160 GB models are no longer in production. Only the PS3 slim 120 GB and 250 GB models are currently in production in July 2010.

HAs the PS3 slim got more memory than the original?

Yes they do. The two original PS3 models had 20 GB and 60 GB harddrives or memory and the PS3 slim models have 120 GB and 250 GB harddrives. One PS3 model was made with a 160 GB harddrive and that model does have more memory than the 120 GB model slim and less than the 250 GB model PS3 slim..

What year did the PS3 come out in the US?

Late 2006

What is the best kind of ps3 20 40 60 80 or 120 GB?

320 GB will be out on September 17 2010 and it will include the Move Bundle for $399.99 and a 160 GB slim is already out replacing the 120 GB for $299.99. A new PS3 is the best kind with the warranty and the largest size harddrive.